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Dear Reader,

In June 2006 I stepped on my first ballroom floor as a student. I was a mere shadow of my true self, only I didn't know it. By my third lesson I was hooked. I felt like my world had color again, and it was in HD. Everything got better, and I was becoming the healthiest most authentic me I'd never known was possible! A year later (having been a blogger since 2002) I started this blog to share my passion and to let other body conscious men and women know that YES they can do anything they put their mind to, even Ballroom Dance!  Over that time period myself and this blog were featured in several online publications and I even had a magazine article written about my 100lb weight loss that was inspired by Ballroom. I had developed a readership and formed an online and in-real-life Ballroom family.

Then between 2009 and 2011 life got really hard and my old habits came back with a vengeance. Ballroom, like most hobbies, requires some financial doing and my funds dried up. As my funds dried up my lessons stopped, and while the studio I was with at the time was with me, they were not practicing entirely moral (in MY OPINION) business practices, unable to find or afford other options I decided to abandon the ballroom completely and hang up my shoes. When I left in 2011 I left this blog open for others to read, and occasionally I would come back to re-read my writings. I stand behind every word written and can still feel every emotion conveyed. I went about trying to find other ways to become passionate about something, I even tried to start another topical blog, that just never felt like home. Ballroom dancing is where my heart sings, where my creativity is fed, and my health is improved.

Ballroom dancing is the grain of inspiration I need to make pearls of wisdom, and exist in my most authentic capacity.

Late in 2013 I reconnected with a professional ballroom instructor who understands what it is to love to dance, and he has based his professional career around helping others find their passion in Ballroom and Salsa dancing. While my entire life isn't all back together yet, and I've managed to put on most of the weight I had lost. I've found a way to get Ballroom back into my life. After living a life consumed by Ballroom, and then living a  life without it... I will now find a way to live my life through it and resume this blog for all it's worth and dance with all my might. (Hopefully I'll find a little grace along the way!)

I invite you to sit down a spell, click around, laugh, cry, and be inspired with me, or at me, and hopefully I can help you find your passion too!

Any and all Readers are welcome to e-mail me: Stagekat[at]gmail.com 
Find me on Facebook www.facebook.com/ballroomdancingchangedmylife
And Twitter @MissKatBallroom

I wish you the very best always, and I hope to someday see you out on the floor!
Happy Dancing!

PS- In all this time, I will tell you that I have, hands down, no question, met some of the greatest human beings through this Ballroom world of mine, they have stayed with me through thick and thin "fat" and "not-as-fat" as well! I think there isn't a soul on earth that should pass up the opportunity to join me and my dance family as we adventure together.

I humbly thank you all that have been here before, and I warmly welcome all the new arrivals!

If you're in the Chicago area, you can find me taking lessons at Get On the Floor Dance Company

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