Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi! Thank you so much to my loyal readers for sticking by me all this time! As I still deal with Ankle things (we're possibly talking surgery with the doctor tomorrow). I can't let this upcoming day pass us by!

Just a few days away on July 31st is the First ever NATIONAL DANCE DAY!

As many of us have seen because we all watch and love So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) one of the judges/producers of the show has been pushing this new marked day on every show. It has taken off like crazy! I've heard tale that even Congress is going to do a Flash Mob dance on the National Mall in Washington DC!!!!

SYTYCD and the Dizzy Feet Foundation (one of my favorite charitable organizations) have asked Napoleon and Tabitha, master hip hop choreographers for the show, to put together a little routine for everyone to learn.

Go ahead give it a try!

There are also several cities and counties around the country as well as private organizations putting together various events to mark the day so check with your local dance studios (of all kinds, not just ballroom) to see how they are marking the event! 

SYTYCD is also allowing everyone to post videos of how they are celebrating National Dance Day on their Facebook page. So be sure to check it out!!!

As for me, I will be spending time with dance friends, but sadly not dancing...so you get out there and burn the floor, street, driveway, yard, whatever you dance on, for me!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the boot!!! But maybe you really do just need some rest -- you are an active chickie! My knee (for the first time since the fall in January) actually stopped hurting 24 x 7 as badly. It sort of popped after I took an Epsom salt bath and I have a feeling a pressed tendon somehow released cause it is better than it has been - not pain free, but way better.....so there IS hope!! I am so glad you finally posted and I loved seeing the Tabitha and Napoleon Dance -- hadn't looked it up yet. I am going to be salsa-ing on that Anita Dee fireworks cruise with May I Have This Dance -- I wonder if any MEN signed up or it will be all women! Ha that would be funny! I'm going with two other girls too..... Have a great rest of the week Kat -- Darice