Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get On The Floor Dance Event! How great can a dance company get?

Hey gang! Happy New Year!

New Student Rep with Franny and Steve
This past Saturday I was able to participate with Get On The Floor Dance Company in one of their events. Yep, that's right... this dance company is really revolutionary in it's offerings. They do events! What more could a social ballroom dancer such as myself, ask for? Not much else!

A Get On The Dance Floor event includes performances, DJ, a group class or two hosted by a professional, and there are sometimes some of us Get On The Floor students (known as New Student Representatives) that filter throughout to help get people "on the floor" and into this new to them experience.

This event was really special for Steve because it was his family reunion, so there was the addition of some video pieces and even a couple student performances! Personally I can think of no better way to spend my time than in a ballroom with 100+ people celebrating, and in most cases, introducing them to ballroom dance!

Some things that exceeded my expectations- how welcome we felt by Steve's family. I don't know that had it been my family, we would have had such eager participants. The talent of the Get On The Floor DJ... I was really impressed by some of his cross-fades and song choices! How smoothly everything ran - family reunion or no, once again Get On The Floor exuded professionalism and friendliness that I have come to expect from this organization. Also the venue we were at was nothing short of professional and the staff really enjoyed peeking in and watching our showcases!

I spent a lot of my time doing something that is ingrained in me, flying around the room and making sure all the "little things" were in place, in addition to dancing during the general dancing. I spent almost 18 years in theater and most of that was spent backstage running props, or stage managing and sometimes I just don't know what to do in a social setting if I'm not making sure the people I'm with are taken care of and having a good time.

Get on the Floor "army" for the Reunion!
My fellow Get On The Floor students had awesome performances, so proud of them! Steve and Franny performed their fusion number from a few weeks ago (and I got to see it this time! It is a LOT of fun and very creative!). To a crowd that was in complete awe. The energy in the room was excellent all night! Evenly spaced between performances Steve led Rumba and Jitterbug group classes and general dancing, and I was reminded why Steve does what he does... he's damn good at it!

After the show was over we had a couple hours of general dancing that was open to the public, I had invited some of my dance friends because this venue was probably the most geographically desirable to where we all live, one friend showed up, and we both enjoyed the general dancing. This particular friend is very knowledgeable in both Ballroom and Line dancing and towards the end of the night even led a group in a line dance I had no idea existed! I really felt like my following skills and stamina were at an all time high.  I was also pleased that my floor craft (I'll be writing more about floor craft and following later) was pretty good, I managed to avoid major collisions with all of my dance partners for the evening. :-)

The event ended just after midnight and I was so pleased to overhear a lot of the compliments Steve's extended family had for him, Franny, and the other performers. I received several compliments on behalf of the Get On The Floor team from the venue staff. You know it's a good event and great group of entertainers when even the venue STAFF, who does this kind of thing all the time, stops to pay the group your with several compliments.

So if you're in the area and looking for a new and innovative way to make your party special, let me know (stagekat@gmail.com) or contact Get On The Floor and make your event really a night to remember!

Woo hoo! New pic with the new Pro! (and we both look good after HOURS of dancing!)
As a side note... I got the one thing most dance students want for all their social media needs... A picture with my new dance Pro! If you troll around Facebook or twitter, you know who all the ballroom students are because nine times out of ten their profile pictures include dancing or their dance instructors (commonly referred to as "their Pro") I haven't danced enough to have a dancing pic yet.... I'm sure it's coming.:-)

Next up... what the New Year means for me, and in the meantime I wish you all the very best New Year's Eve!

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