Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Milestone Reached... 100lbs Lost!

Wow, my dear readers, I must first apologize for my lack of posting since October 22. I hope you all had a great Halloween. Let the Holiday Season officially begin!

Ok... back to business... In my last post, I acknowledged that I had a bit of a personal celebration. As of that Sunday I had officially hit that magic number on my scale. I've lost 100lbs! I've only recently been able to get excited about it. There isn't anything in this life that has allowed me to have what one might think of as an appropriate reaction. I was shocked and a little numb about it all... it's been a long time in getting here! I am happy though to report that the power grid accross the mid-west is still intact! My world hasn't imploded. In fact it's continued as normal... the people I've told have expressed their support which is appreciated BEYOND measure!

The only major difference I've noticed, and for me it's major... is that I now have to be donned in dresses when I dance at the studio as all the NEW slacks and pants that I have recently purchased tend to slide right on down when dancing! I refuse to run right out and purchase MORE new clothes. Because another 10 lbs or so from now I'll only be running out for more! Yet, the idea of being clad in a dress and hose up to twice a week is a little daunting. (I'm the girl that had worn a dress 3 times since 2005.) I have about 5 relatively casual and mostly dance friendly dresses that are contenders, and thankfully all machine washable. (Hopefully shrinkable too, as even some of these are getting a little loose) that will now be in what I consider to be heavy rotation. Hopefully those I see most often will forgive the repetition in my wardrobe.

The other thing that's rather frustrating for me is that after 100lbs lost, I'm not where I want to be... I look in the mirror and all I see are the things that need to change, too much weight around the middle, double chin smaller but still ever present. Face still impossibly round (which unfortunately may be more genetic than anything I can help) UGH! Mixed in with that desperate want to celebrate is the harsh reality check that I'm not finished yet.

Thank goodness I'm dancing! When dancing it doesn't matter... all I do is focus on my steps and my performance, and making my teacher laugh when I'm too frustrated to continue!

Oh well, if these are the greatest of my weight loss concerns... I'm doing well!

So, yes I am officially 100lbs lighter than I was on June 21, 2006.



sheila said...


Did you tell us that?? Kat that's fantastic! I'm so happy for you. SO, 5 more and we get to party, right?

Tipsy McStagger said...

We each find our own...our own path. To know the future is to be trapped by it, realizing there is a trap is the first step, the first step along the Golden Path. I am proud of you.