Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Last Week's Lesson Cha Cha and West Coast...

Hi gang!! I once again must apologize for lagging on my postings, mid-terms will do that to me.
Last week was absolutely one of the best lesson weeks, first my original instructor is back! YEAH!!! And I have decided that his moniker from this point forward shall be RT. SO... away we go.

Tuesday brought on my first lesson with RT since he's been out, and it was so much fun to have him back. Because I've been working with him since the day I walked in, to dance with him again was like putting on my favorite pair of jeans. It just felt right! We opened with a little hustle just to get warmed up, then I asked for some West Coast as I hadn't really done it in his absence. Blissfully the lesson was primarily West Coast and I was extremely surprised that I really hadn't forgotten much of it.

At one point we were fine tuning one of my hips for a type of step called a "whip" and I must have really learned it because when we finished he said "That was good." Now I don't like to be over complimented, I always believe that there is room for improvement, so I come back with "No, that was just better, not good." Normally he lets that be, but this time he corrected me, "No, that was GOOD." YEAH! Something was good!, better yet, something I think I can actually do again was good!

We continued on our West Coast path for a while, and then decided to do a little Cha Cha, which I still need SO much help on... I'll get it one of these centuries I'm sure. At any rate, RT decided to change up a lead and send me into an independent spin, any time a lead is changed up on me my brain instantly freezes and I suddenly have no idea what I'm doing. So I stopped and said "Ok, that was new... what do you want me to do there?" to which I receive the response "just spin"... well ok...just spin independent of any support or guide and try and be back on time to pick up the Cha Cha again.... (I have the hardest time maintaining that rhythm in my head, it's sad really) Anyway RT was relatively impressed with my independent spin, must have been better than he remembered, because it felt the same to me.

All in all another excellent lesson. I'm convinced with each lesson my confidence on the dance floor and in myself increases just a smidge. What ever would I be doing now if I hadn't started??

Ok...well postings are about to pick up speed as I have a lot to write about suddenly. Keep you eyes peeled!

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