Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Start of Big News, and RT Sets Forth a Challenge...

Hi gang! Big news is just coming up around the bend, but I must keep you, my dear readers, in suspense for a bit longer. In 15 days I will be participating in the first big phase of an extrordinarily exciting event, one that has been in the talking stages since sometime in August, and will conclude, in one aspect and just begin anew in February (no worries, I'll fill you all in before then). This event on December 15th is going to require that I appear at my best from every angle, inside and out. Time for me to call on every ounce of confidence I've developed and drop as much weight as I can between now and then...

RT, Buddy and I are all VERY excited about it.... RT and I talked about it shortly after the plans were set, and as my constant coach and confidant in everything dance and weight loss related for the last year and a half, I always want to know what he thinks about these two subjects in particular. RT tells me "Ok, we've joked about it before, but I'm serious I want 5lbs a week until this happens." To which I had one of my classic "You must be kidding" type responses... the conversation ended with "Ok, it's 9:22pm, it starts now." Well, my goal was to drop what I can...but then I saw him at the studio 24 hours later, and he found out I was going out with the girls for some beer and nachos...The look on his face told it all... dear RT was NOT kidding... and me, with the ridiculous complex of wanting to make him proud to be my instructor, will do what I can to accomplish the task... Hey, I'm always up for a challenge when it comes to this.

So, the mission set before me is 10lbs in 15 days... can it be done? I believe it can... The Thanksgiving Holiday started a pattern of laziness so this will help me shake that.... Will it last? Weight loss like what lies ahead never does, so I'm not counting on it. I've been joking that I just won't be eating for the next two weeks, to which RT responds with an equal amount of sarcasm "Ok, just don't die on me."

You may be not eating actually my plan? HELL NO! One thing I've consistently prided myself on throughout this whole process is that I have always eaten... I have NEVER used supplements or denied myself a meal for the sake of a pound or two... The plan is as follows... one work out a day has just become two... I will become hyper-selective about the foods I eat, all beverages have been limited to tea, water, and V8. Attention to my intake of a daily multi-vitamin and calcium has come under critical focus so I can maintain my health as the stress level will undoubtedly rise. Every dance lesson between now and then (hoping for 4) will come with a demand for my respective instructor to kick my butt up one side of the dance floor and down the other. (Which will make for some entertaining writing)

15 days... 10lbs... exciting events on the horizon...and most! I'm definitely up for the challenge!

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