Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My AMAZING Dance Weekend! - Saturday PHOTO SHOOT!

Saturday was the day I'd been working towards since December 1st. I arrived at the studio about 10min before my actual appointment of 10:30am. To my SHOCK and amazement Tony Dovolani from Dancing with the Stars (and my dance floor's namesake) was in (he'd been in all week with coaching, but to see him there on Saturday was a true delight!) RT showed up as he'd promised, as did my sister and a few of my "dance friends"- they wanted to see what this photo shoot was all about. It was wonderful to see them all there!

The photographer Eric Klein arrived on time with Cindy and Jen, they were so kind and professional. Cindy was in charge of hair and makeup, Jen was tasked with wardrobe. After what felt like ages in the make-up chair, and a brief visit from Tony we went thru the process of trying clothing. We all settled on the dark wash jeans I had brought paired with a lavender blouse and cream shell, accessories included two of my favorite Celtic pieces from my own collection. Once that was settled we began the quick process of hair. Then it was off to the smaller ballroom to begin the photo process! While I didn't know if they were going to want an instructor for the photo shoot, they did in fact pull RT into the make-up chair... so we could provide some variety for the magazine!

We commenced with my simply standing feet in 5th position, hips at a slight angle to the camera, arms at my side...and SMILE! Then I was asked to hook my thumb in my pocket, put my hand on my hip... and so forth...if my clothing moved Jen would run forward to fix it... if a hair fell out of place Cindy would run forward and spray it down. After a while RT was asked to come in and we held a few poses, open break, smooth frame, and Tango Corte...where of course I was holding my left hand wrong on his arm, so some of the pics will look more like I'm hanging on for dear life, rather than gracefully leaning forward (lets face it...if any of those Corte pictures look graceful it's by complete accident, there is NOTHING about my Tango that is graceful yet.) At one point I had the photographer asking me to keep my eyes open while smiling, and RT whispering in my ear about fixing my hand, or pointing my foot more. I was busting up on the inside about it...(had to stay all pretty and serene on the outside) even when standing still RT has to get REALLY TECHNICAL on me. Which completely makes sense, I want these pictures to look as good as humanly possible.... but that doesn't keep it from being down right funny.

3 hours and THREE HUNDRED pictures later it was time to call the photo shoot to a close. To my understanding those three hundred will be whittled down to about 10 or so that the photographer will send to the magazine, then the magazine will select one or two for the article... Well gee... maybe they should have taken more, I hope there's one or two photos that work out of all that.

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