Monday, December 24, 2007


WAAAAA HOOOOO! SALSA CONGRESS IS BACK!!! Anyone that is interested in what Salsa culture is all about can NOT miss this event! It's exactly what it sounds like... a Convention for 3.5 days dedicated to the world of Salsa and Mambo. There are dance troupes that travel from as far as South Korea to perform at the shows, Salsa/Mambo instructors that travel in from as far as Puerto Rico just to share their love of the dance.

I went for one day last year with a friend after RT couldn't say enough good things about it... Workshops start as early as 9:30am... and don't stop until about 4:30pm... then you get a break to grab something to eat and change for the evening's show and dancing. All in all the dancing doesn't officially stop each day until 3am! It's FANTASTIC!!! Not to mention the LIVE music... oh, last year's band was so cool I still have the post card from the event... Sammy Garcia & Sabor de Puerto Rico... even when I reached a point when I was really too tired to stand, I stuck around just to watch the band and the other dancers. Yeah, and I can't forget about the more than 20,000 square feet of dance floor!!!!

I do admit I was on a bit of a Salsa/Mambo overload after the one day, for about two weeks...the only Salsa I wanted was the kind that comes with chips... Now, I have such fond memories of that one day... I want to do THE WHOLE weekend this year!!!

Check out the Chicago Salsa Congress website and see if it's something you want to get involved in! I reccomend it for ALL levels of dancers... EVERYONE can take something away from this event!

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