Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My AMAZING Dance Weekend! - Friday

Can I just re-live this past weekend over and over again like in the movie "Groundhogs Day"?

Friday brought forth the Holiday party at the studio. I played my usual social butterfly self and had WAY too much fun! The evening began with a showcase of the youth classes... wee ones from age 5 up danced their hearts out... entirely too cute! Then it was time for us grown-up students to get our groove on... One of the instructors asked me to dance a cha cha...and I had enough power going into my spins to attempt a double, but alas... my balance just isn't ready to take me there yet. Buddy and I rocked a Hustle and a Salsa, and I'm pretty sure we trotted like foxes too :) . Then another instructor I only dance with at parties (we joke that it's our "bi-weekly dance") grabbed me for a super fast East Coast Swing. Some of my favorite student leads were there too... SL and I can usually get together for swing and/or hustle, somehow we always exchange amazed glances when we actually get through a dance or step on time.... and Mr. P actually got me through some of my cross over breaks in cha cha! There was something magic in the air for me that night... I did screw up on a couple things I normally have down, but that's ok.

RT and I were talking our way thru a Rumba, when the MC said "Ladies lead!" We switched frame...and my mind went blank... I couldn't remember anything about how to start the Rumba! RT helped me out by nudging us in the right direction... and for the basic... I wasn't having a hard time at all... I could get used to this whole being in control thing... then it was time to try a turn. I never new RT could make such a pretty follow! That was a lot of fun to experience actually would take some time before I could remember when to begin leading on everything else. All in all fun party! GREAT start to this weekend!

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