Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lesson's With Buddy, Bringing Smooth Up To Speed

There's no real reason for it, but it has been brought to my attention that during my lapse in filling all my dear readers in on lessons, my lessons with Buddy have not been posted. I believe I've had three lessons that have yet to be explained. While sadly I can't remember the details of all, there is one new development since working with Buddy that I'm quite excited about!

When I started learning from Buddy I had no idea what to expect, as previously mentioned he is very different from any instructor I've ever danced with. It did take a little time to adjust, but now I look forward to lessons with him as much as any I've ever scheduled.

The newest development I've learned with Buddy is in the smooth dances, the two I've been working on the most lately are Foxtrot and Tango. Before, I used to dread smooth dances... I only learned them because they are part of the whole Ballroom experience. Lately I actually really enjoy Foxtrot with Buddy, it actually feels like a dance I can do as opposed to one I can only muddle my way through. I can use my knees appropriately, though the top portion of my frame still needs work. Even when I am terrible, Buddy is rather adept at not mirroring my feelings and instead helps me work at improving by the end of the lesson. My favorite part of Foxtrot so far is the grapevine, and as long as I'm not subconsciously trying to back lead, I almost feel like I have the control required to really do the dance. Gaining control is something I've been working on for a long time now, and I'm so pleased that I'm finally making progress.

Tango, ah the Tango...Buddy is one of my favorite Tango partners as well... I'm very pleased to inform you that I no longer have issue with the frame and lack of space between myself and my lead. I also love the attitude, although still have difficulty maintaining it for the complete dance. The Tango is great for me because it seems that I'm rather incapable of back leading in this dance, and have no choice but to follow, which is a trait I'm learning to bring to my other dances. I can't wait to learn more and really fine tune what I need to so that I become proficient at it. Tango has a culture all it's own and I'd like to look into that once I'm fairly confident with my skill.

So I must now utter a statement that I never ever thought would ever cross my lips. I am learning to really like Foxtrot and Tango...therefore I am really learning to appreciate Smooth Ballroom dances! YEAH!

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