Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lesson on May 1st: Fox Trot

Hi gang! I know I know... I'm behind again... No worries I'm catching up!

If you will recall I had mentioned I wanted to ask RT about working on Fox Trot a little in this lesson. Well I think it's quite possible that we have become psychically linked, because he had NOT read the post, and somehow we spent most of the lesson on Fox Trot! There were two other lessons on the floor that were working on this dance too which could have been the reason for it...but at first I kept thinking How does he know I wanted to work on this? So I told him after like the fourth Trot around the floor "You know I was going to ask you to work on this today."

"Really? Why is that?" He asks. He's always surprised when I ask for anything Smooth.

"Because we ended the last lesson on it and I realized we hadn't worked on it in a long time!"

So we kept working... and we got to a step where the follow actually walks forward, lead walks back. I have never done this very well, but I started off doing it great! We're also working on my keeping my knees bent while dancing smooth, which as I understand it, makes it a more competitive style. I was really doing well! I was able to support myself while my knees were bent, well mostly. RT was asking me to hold up my own frame more. Which is a complaint I hate more than nearly any other. So I continue to try to not lean on RT while keeping my balance. I definitely was showing improvement!

Then crisis struck when I stepped on one of RT's feet. I HATE it when I do that! I will never be ok with stepping on someone else's feet, it completely ruins the dance for me. So I say sorry and I have a sorry face that I generally make. RT always says he's fine...but he wouldn't tell me if he wasn't anyway. SO we do the step again and I manage to step on both his feet! FANTASTIC... now I'm devastated! The sorry face pretty much is stuck on my face now... because I feel just awful... and I tell RT "It's ruined, the dance is ruined, I don't want to do it anymore."

"It's ok Kat." RT tries to assure me, then he makes me do the walking forward step again..and I manage to do it, but I was so scared of stepping on him again! We "trotted" to a few more songs... but the dance was still ruined for me.

We then took a break from Fox Trot, thankfully. We moved on to Salsa, and Rumba both done much better than the Fox Trot. I thought anyway. Oh, and I had a 1 pound loss to report! So happy the scale is moving down again!

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