Friday, May 2, 2008

Last Week's Lesson... Just Trying to Keep Up.

Well in the spirit of my last post, my last lesson wasn't the greatest. It was a study in all that I've lost in my fitness by having a sluggish winter.

We opened with Salsa, I was having trouble almost immediately with the timing on my spins… I was coming around too fast and losing the beat. I think it ended up being ok, but I was getting winded very quickly! By the end I was doing better, but could already feel my face getting red, and I really didn't like the way this was going.

Next up was East Coast Swing, which I thought started out good, but I got that quiet plea of "Come on Kat" from RT, his ever so polite way of telling me I'm lagging. I tried to rally, but it just wasn't working out well… In the end it ended up being a fair Swing, but I wasn't happy at all with my performance. To make matters worse, the next dance was Cha Cha!

"Next blog post is going to be 'The lesson where RT kicks my butt!'" I joke with RT while trying to catch my breath.
"What's going on? How much did you lose this week?" RT inquires.
"Nothing…but now that the weather is nicer I'm working out more but that only started two days ago, I just haven't seen the results yet."
"Why is that? What did you do last week?" (RT was away at a competition last week, so I had no lesson)
"Because, nothing I do at home is as intense as actually dancing." I reply, hoping that could end the conversation.
But no, RT simply states "You know, there are no excuses with me."

Well crap! I hate it when he calls me out like that! I know I need it, but it makes me look like a failure.

"Come on… you said Cha Cha pick a song!" I tell him, still trying to change the subject
"Ok Cha Cha" he replies, "Next week I want you to loose five pounds do you think you can do that?"
"Maybe, if I actually get the full week, seriously I'm starting up again, but five pounds is a lot, and not really healthy." I inform him as we take up our dance frame.
"Five pounds, no excuses." And we begin our Cha Cha…which probably due to my over exhausted state felt really weird.

After that dismal display we moved on to Rumba, which was better I think.. well it felt like it was better.

We ended the lesson reviewing that RT wants me to pick up the pace again and start reporting some weight loss. He’s totally right… I’m WAY overdue.

The ride home was filled with thoughts of improvements and RT’s quietly insistent voice “There are no excuses with me Kat.”

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