Friday, June 13, 2008

The Last Few Weeks… The Fast Forward Version…

Hi gang! Ok.. ok… I know... read now, yell at me later… it’s been FOREVER since I’ve told you guys what’s going on… Well… let me go over the last few social outings and group classes real quick…

TOGA Party at South Barrington…
The Captain and I ran down to one of our favorite places to visit FADS SB! They had a Toga Party…a theme we simply couldn’t pass up! I love dancing with these folks! Lots of couples, so no shortage of dance partners, and the staff is just too much fun! I definitely suggest stopping by and trying them out! I made MSU put a Salsa on for me and we had a blast! I also danced a Hustle with HBF and boy does that girl like to spin her follows! MSU and HBF also have a VERY cute swing routine that was just too much fun.

NERD Party at Buffalo Grove…
Break out the taped up glasses and the pocket protectors! We all gathered at FADS BG for a nerd party. The place was jumping! I spent a good portion of the evening dancing with a very nice guest he was a real sport! He was a pretty quick study on the basics of everything too. At one point RT picked me up for a Salsa… I was wearing my glasses (this detail will be important) and as we know I’ve grown rather fond of spinning…the faster the better… and RT is only to happy to lead me into all the spinning I can handle and then some! At one point I spun so fast that my glasses flew right off my face! The magic part of it is that as I saw them seemingly float in front of my face my left hand came up and snatched them right out of the air! That was the coolest thing! I don’t think anyone saw it though. I danced a hustle with another instructor and received compliments on my spins! One of my favorite student leads is back from a break and we pulled of some fun Meringue and Rumba stuff… so glad he’s back!

So parties people… you have to come to the parties! Check the websites for details!


Ok so FADS BG has recently beefed up their group lesson schedule. Here’s the run down:

Monday 8pm - Social Latin… Mostly Salsa and Bachata... nice work out and good prep for when you go out to the clubs to dance some Latin! This class has been around for a while and I’m nearly always there.

Tuesday 8pm – Social Bronze… Haven’t had the opportunity to catch it, but I hear it’s a lot of fun! Great way to improve on some of your Social Dancing skills.

Tuesday & Friday 1:30pm Technique Class... Again, haven’t had the chance to attend being that it’s in the middle of the day, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about how this class can help you improve the finer points of dancing!

Wednesday- 1:30pm and 6:30pm Foot Strengthening. From what I understand this is a yoga style class designed to build strength in your feet and ankles… I may have to give this one a try, one of my ankles is giving me problems.

Thursday- 8pm International Latin… Learn how the rest of the world dances Latin! I am pretty regular to this class, it’s fun and a GREAT work out… I love learning about the way other countries do things!

Saturday- 11:15am Ballroom Workout… Well I try to make it to this one… I have a problem though…sleep.. I like it… and so I’ve only been to one so far, but boy does it live up to it’s name! Also a good way to focus on basic steps without focusing on technique too much. Perfect for all level dancers!

Ok! On to the next post!

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