Friday, June 13, 2008

Ongoing Battles... an Update...

So a bit ago I had posted that I didn’t know what I was going to be doing to continue my dancing… Well, I’m still not sure, but things may be getting easier. I recently accepted a new position at a different company that is going to set me off on the adventure of a life time! So that will make things easier… if I decide to continue it will be a little easier to afford, if I decide not to I’ll be so busy it will be hard to notice.

The OTHER ongoing battle with the weight has recently hit a total high point. I got three pounds down this week! YEA!! It’s the biggest weight loss drop in a long time. I’m so excited about it! RT has been happy for me too… it’s so nice to have that support around. My friends are wonderful about it too…but RT has been there since absolute day one… most of it has been his idea…when he challenges me I want to rise to that challenge… whether it be with dancing or with lifestyle changes. I have to tell anyone out there it CAN BE DONE… if you want to improve your overall fitness…no matter how you do it… whatever inspires you… you can do it!

I honestly thought it would be easier at this point… nearly two years into it…but hey a lifetime of bad habits are hard to break… I’m really glad I’ve got the support system I do. I will conquer this…all of it… and be a better person for it!

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