Saturday, May 30, 2009

Reading Recommendation: A Year of Dancing Dangerously

Ya'll know me... I have an opinion on everything... I do not however try to push anything on anyone... your choice is yours, mine is mine and that is that. Every so often something comes along that I really would like to share and when THAT happens... I pretty much won't shut up about it. :-)

A while ago I was approached to read and write a review on a book that was written by a ballroom student. I thought sure...send me the book... we'll see... No strings attached. A few days later a small almost coffee table style hardcover book was at my door. I've read the book and been carrying it around forever thinking just on how I would write about it. I decided, that a critique or a review isn't really what I want to do... I will simply recommend the book, and tell you why I think it's worth the time to check out. So here we go... The first ever "Ballroom Dancing: Changing My Life..." reading recommendation:

A Year of Dancing Dangerously
One Woman's Journey from Beginner to Winner
By Lydia Raurell

Lydia has put together a memoirs of sorts from her first year of Ballroom Dancing.. from a brief snapshot of what her life was like before dancing... Married, middle aged, longing to dance again after 20 or so years... to that first tango lesson she took, and the subsequent copious amounts of lessons she signed up for right after. All the way through the many MANY competitions she entered (and did VERY well at) with her professional instructor all over the US.

She has included a wealth of information on each style of dance she competes in (American Smooth, Rhythm, International Latin and Standard) and compelling photographs as well. All of which are perfect for those readers who may be non-dancers. What I really enjoyed was the passion with which she writes about her first year of dancing... As people Lydia and I have very little in common, we are from different generations, we weren't drawn to dance for the same reasons, we don't even approach our lessons the same way. However as dancers we have the SAME passion and that resonates off the page as you read. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone interested in Ballroom Dancing, especially anyone that does or wishes to compete.

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