Monday, May 11, 2009

Well This Isn't Quite Going as Planned...

You know... I talk a good game... I talk a GREAT game... execution of said game isn't always as wonderful.

An update on the ankle.... still injured, but it's on the mend. I did end up taking nearly two weeks off from the studio, but did go out Salsa dancing on the weekend in between. When the swelling does nothing but increase, and random black and blue marks show up all over the foot that's attached to the injured ankle... that even makes me take a moment to try to heal it. I'm back on the dance floor as of last Friday, despite the fact that both RT and Largo want me to sit out for longer. While I sit here ankle iced and elevated (again) let me catch you all up.

First the Salsa.... what is it about Salsa?? I am incapable of turning down an invitation to dance. I even at one point had ripped off my immobilizing brace to dance a Salsa in my stocking feet at a recent dance event. Yes, I'm crazy... but we knew that already. I don't fully know what it is about Salsa that has me so tuned in... but heck I'm not giving up on it. There has also been the coolest development amongst my fellow students at the studio. We've banded together to go out Salsa dancing on the weekends when the studio doesn't have a party. The few times we've gone out have been some of my best nights out dancing!

In lesson news... Largo and I are working on preparation for the upcoming test. I put even money on my not making it to the next level.... I don't think my execution is any better than it was at my last test... only my following is stronger. We'll see... I haven't ever tested with more than one pro...then there's the whole issue of making sure they know I've got Salsa as one of my majors that's always a bit of an unusual situation for testing.

RT and I are still slowly but surely working on my routine... I can not...simply can not learn this with any hope of improvement if I'm only actually working on it once every other week. I don't currently see how I can increase that...but I'm working on it. Originally the goal was to perform this dance this month... instead I have decided that we're going to do it in June (should probably mention something to RT about that) in celebration of my 3rd Danceversary.

Ah let's see... well it's been a very very busy several weeks at the studio... many many competitions and many many reasons for all of us to be very proud of the Professional Dancers we all know and love!

As far as unemployment and how it has seeped into every corner of my existence and has proven to provide me with some of the most low moments I have had in a long time... Yeah... we'll save that for another time. Conversely there are some positive points to not having to be anywhere... I'm a very easy to entertain gal... just take me dancing! Which on average is MUCH cheaper than any other form of going out I've ever done in the past. So that's a positive thing... also while looking for a job I could technically take advantage of any night out dancing that's available. Which I gotta say... is kinda nice.

Well I'm working on getting back on track... gotta throw as much of myself back into life as I can...and I'll be checking my self pity and depression type feelings at the door.

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