Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini Match Update....

Ok...ya'll there just aren't words... there aren't... not in any language I have ever spoken are there words for the sheer level of overwhelming GRATITUDE that I have for what has transpired over these last two days!

I had written just two days ago about how honored I was (and am) to have enough entries to get me into this First Annual Mini Match. NOW I can tell you that I am speechless about how you all have come out of nowhere to help me... I have ALL TEN entries sponsored for Mini Match!!!!

NOT ONLY THAT... but I guess I'm officially a sponsored dancer too! (I don't even know.. can a student dancer be sponsored???) Bonnie's Belle Gowns has graciously, on top of all the other wonderful things they have done for me, and allowed me to do for them, offered to sponsor my Mini Match Attire!!! I tell you I cried...actual tears...not a sobbing mess...but I'm not a crier...I don't typically get that worked up over much of anything... I guess it just dawned on me how much this all means for me, my instructors, my writing, and my dancing.

I do have to say that while I am touched and can't possibly thank you all enough in ten lifetimes... there have been a few moments of clarity where two other things have been rolling around in this crazy head of mine. First, is that after not even allowing myself to entertain the thought that I may ever become a competitive dancer for three years... my head has finally given permission for my heart to want this... and my heart is pouring three years of secretly wanting to experience this type of event into this little team match. I will do you all proud I SWEAR IT!

Second is that I really need this push... I need it to bring my dancing up another notch, even though this is classified as a Newcomer event, and I already know (I think) the basics of what I need to do... I need this push to get better, and to work on all the weight loss and other life improvements that I have been working on all along, but my motivation has been a little stagnant.

So for all the reasons that I dance, and that I love it... from the deepest fathoms of my heart. I thank you! I do hope EVERYONE will come out to cheer Team Buffalo Grove on! I'll let you know more about how as we get closer!

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