Friday, July 10, 2009

Astaire Awards Championships (AAC) in Chicago One Last Time!

This weekend is a big comp for the Fred Astaire studio chain. Only three times a year does the chain gather for a national competition, this is special for me as a "professional spectator" because I get to see ALL my favorite professional dancers all at once doing their thing on the same night AND if I'm lucky...I'll get to see some of my fellow students burn the floor too! Yes, I get to see that for a regional competition, but to be honest the results of those are somewhat predictable. Not only that but this is the LAST year they're holding a national competition in Chicago!

RT is competing with his new partner, something I haven't seen yet, and I'm SOOOO excited! I just love to be able to walk around all proud.....yeah baby that's MY pro! :-) Of course I am always excited to see Largo and TNT... every time I see them I just know they are on the cusp of something AMAZING! Not only that...but on the same floor in the same style I also have STP and HFC AND CWS with DWS! (I loose my mind trying to cheer for them all!)

Smooth is somewhat easier as I really have two couples I love there... TSD with FAF from my home studio and RTS and her partner out of the Michigan Avenue studio. I tell you it has been wonderful to see the progress RTS and partner have made this year... and I just love to watch TSD and FAF dance anytime.

Lastly, I have a new couple in a newer to me category. There is a couple from Michigan Avenue that has entered the Theatre Arts/Cabaret division this year with a BANG! I saw their debut at St. Louis where they placed 2nd! Then they were off to Emerald Star Ball (a big independent competition out in Los Angeles) where they took their first title and it's been so exciting to follow them this year! They also just took another title at a competition out east too. I can not wait to see how they do on Friday night!!!

I'll of course let you all know what happened.. but I have to tell you, I am not the one to look to for quick posting results, (I don't have a fancy phone that has web access!) Fred Astaire Corporate doesn't have a system set up for it either... but if you go to Dance Forums I KNOW there will be at least one person in the ballroom sending out updates in a relatively timely manner. (Just hit "Today's Posts" at the top of the screen and you'll find it!)
It's going to be a blast!!!

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