Thursday, August 6, 2009

AAC Update

Hey kids... I am SOOO sorry I've let this go for so long! I can't tell you the number of times I have been inspired to write for you and not been near my computer, or been too tired once I was, to actually put in a post! So... here we go..

AAC was one of the best competitions I have ever been to! The energy in the air that night was positively electric! I was so riveted on the dance floor that I didn't actually take ONE photograph!!! (All photographs are courtesy of a friend of the Chicago FADS Region)

I have NEVER seen Largo and TNT dance better... and that's saying something! They didn't end up winning one of their categories by ONE JUDGE!

RT and his "new" partner... sadly no photographs...but WOW... RT told me he felt like he performed better with her than partners in the past and I tell you what it SHOWS! I am SOOOOO PROUD of my pros!!!

TSD and FAF won one of their categories in American Smooth... Congratulations to them!

RTS and her partner both out of the Michigan Avenue Studio got their first win! YAY!!!!

CWS and DWH and STP with HFC were all AMAZING too... enough just can't be said about this comp!

A highlight of the evening was the Theatre Arts division...( photographs that I could post) we were all very anxious to see how our local favorites from Michigan Avenue that just blasted out of the gate with their number would hold up against a couple that is considered to be 2nd best in our country.... the answer is... they held their own BEAUTIFULLY... their routine is one of the hottest things going I'm telling you! They came in 2nd to that top couple... but I honestly believe that it was much more due to the technical complexity of the two routines... because on performance level... Michigan Avenue had it ALL!

It just makes me so proud and happy to be a part of the dance family I am a part of when our pros put forth such spectacular performances!

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