Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mini Match Update....

Can you believe... it's just over ONE week away!!!
I've been practicing.... I've had my lessons... I know what I'm dancing with whom. BOY I hope this goes ok!

My last few lessons have been a blast, I'm not going to lie.. it is a lot of fun to have something to prepare for! Largo has been very diligent in helping me with my Mambo..which is my weakest dance with him. RT has also been very helpful in working on ALL the dances with me but especially being patient as we figure out my American Smooth. Oy! I really wish I could come in more than once a week to prepare... but I did make sure that I'm practicing with both my instructors on the day of Mini Match so that I hit the dance floor fresh... I was not about to walk in on this event with SOOO many people counting on my putting my best out there without having just danced with both pros... especially as each one has to work with me on some of my weakest dances.
A new development too... last week in workout class my left knee kind of popped out of socket on me... something it does fairly regularly...when I'm on the floor stretching... not something it normally does while I'm STILL STANDING... it didn't hurt but for several days after it felt as though my knee cap wasn't really attached to anything... and then my right knee started aching... perhaps because of the moisture in the air.. perhaps because I was working out a ton the last two weeks. Who knows... but to add more fun my right ankle (the one I've most recently recovered from) has started up again... but I think I'm at least bringing that under control. SO... I'm practicing and resting all at the same time... I think I'll just need high doses of pain killers and I'll be fine.. I KNOW that just like with my Cha Cha routine, when my ankle was still finishing up mending, that the performance side of me will take over...and there is blissfully no pain in the performance side of me.

So here is the run down of what I'm dancing with whom...
RT has the honor and the privilege of leading me through:

He's actually been pretty impressed with my Meringue action...which has me so pleased I can't even begin to tell you... and we've decided on which steps are my best in Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot... now I just have to suck it up..hope he remembers (with all the other students he's dancing with I can't fault him for forgetting...I just hope if he does I can follow!)... and have fun.

Largo has the joyful task of leading me through:
Cha Cha
East Coast Swing

I've got to tell you.. I'm really pleased with the way my Mambo is shaping up... it's not super consistent.. but if they play a song that's got that strong 2nd beat.. I think I'll actually be ok... my other concern at the moment is East Coast Swing... it's pretty rough on the joints... at least it is the way I do it. :-)

Both of them... honestly... couldn't do it without them!
Ok so here's the deal... if you're coming out to cheer... you HAVE to be on the list! They need to know numbers to get snacks ready, and make sure the space doesn't run out of capacity! So call your local Chicagoland FADS and tell them you're coming!
WHEN: Friday August 14th
TIME: 7pm - They are anticipating that it's going to be about three hours
WHAT: A Regional Team Match where each studio will be competing against the others for bragging rights! Also included is an audience "most enthusiastic studio" award and show by our pros!
COST: $5

If you're supporting my team and I from Buffalo Grove don't forget to wear RED!

Hope to see you there!
Photos of Largo and I during a lesson courtesy of KIT and FADS Buffalo Grove

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