Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mini Match Update... SHOE CRISIS

MiniMatch is almost here! It's Friday!!! I've been dealing with the ever present pain in my joints fairly well... and I had just been joking with KIT last week about how whenever we students seem to be working towards something exciting some of the worst things happen. At the time we were talking about my pain... until last night...when one of the worst things aside from pain that could have happened did!

I sometimes have trouble getting my shoes off my feet after lessons... mostly due to impatience... which causes me to almost yank them off, which then causes the metal clasp to stretch out... I had fixed them once before quite successfully using a tool for leverage. I decided last night before RT's Salsa class to fix them once again for this week so I wouldn't have to think about them for the rest of this week... just take more time taking them off. So I'm standing at the desk talking with KIT about random Mini Match things and fixing one of my shoes when I must have exerted too much pressure on the clasp and *SNAP* it breaks in two!!!!

"OH NO!!!" KIT exclaims amidst laughter, "I told you the worst things happen before events!"

"Crap!" I shout in response as KIT takes my shoe to see if she can jimmy up something to temporarily fix it, "I can't get a new pair here by Friday..." I state as I'm also thinking I can't afford to buy a new pair right now either.

"I know, I know... let me try something." KIT is being very helpful... and at this point we're all giggling at the crazy timing of all this!

Once we realize we can't jimmy up something I wonder if my shoe guy has a clasp... hmmm... I remember taking my shoes into him before...and while he doesn't know it...this guy, well him and his dad, have been fixing my shoes my whole life... I'm just not a regular enough customer that he would know that... so I can't really ask him for any favors...and while he has repaired my ballroom shoes very successfully, he has mentioned that he doesn't see a lot of them...so chances of him having spare parts for these shoes lying around is slim.

Then KIT thinks of something...she runs into the back to see if they have the clasp I need...shortly after disappearing she returns with a clasp from another style of shoe... WHEW.. this clasp is gold, but I don't care I just need my shoes to stay on my feet!!! So I ran out to my car to grab my dance sneakers... it's gonna have to be that and Jazz shoes until I get my ballroom shoes fixed.
FIRST thing this morning I was at my shoe guy...

"I have a shoe emergency, like I have never had before!" I state upon entering his shop and placing my shoes on his counter.

My shoe guy has no sense of humor... "Ok...do you have a clasp?" Is all he says after he notices what is wrong.

"Yep, right here it's from a completely separate style of shoe, but it should work." I reply turning over the clasp that KIT had given me. (I knew he wasn't going to have one on hand!)

"Well obviously you don't mind that it's gold." he states... (NO sense of humor!)

"Nope... just need them before Friday morning, I have to perform on Friday night." I reply...

"Ok, I can have them done by Thursday, please leave the other shoe so that we make sure the clasps are facing the right way."

"Perfect!" I exclaim...then I remember what my mom always told me about the shoe guy... ALWAYS ask for a price up front. "How much is this repair going to be?"

"Ummm..." (see they always ball park it... never usually have a set price for these things) "....$7.50."

"Great, I'll pay you now," (money changes hands) "so I can just run in and grab them on Thursday... Thank you!" And with that I am on my way.... WHEW....

Now I just hope and pray that this repair holds up... repairs are NEVER as strong as the original... but I have faith... this guy has never let me down before!

Please let nothing else happen this week except good dancing and an excellent MiniMatch!

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