Thursday, August 27, 2009

And Now The Time Has Come...

....for one of the hardest posts I've ever had to write...

This is the 10th time I have tried... and low and behold I cry every time.

I knew this day was coming... the job market is still terrible, I'm still unemployed. I have been honored with the request of standing up in Captain's wedding. I have to do this... I have no other choice. I have to stop dancing for a while. There are actually several reasons for taking a break, but none more important than my dear friend's wedding. I have to take the money that I have been scrimping and saving each month for dance, and put it into my travel coffers instead.

I just put my notice in at my studio yesterday, and then promptly cried my way through my lesson with Largo... Well it wasn't quite that bad, but I did have moments of tears. I have two lessons left... one with RT next week, and my last lesson before my break is my celebration of my 1st Danceaversary with Largo... a date I desperately wanted to make it to before I had to take this break. Which I will tell you all more about as the date approaches.

You know that saying that you never really know how much you love something until it's gone? Well, for as much of a dancing poster child as I have unintentionally become. There is no way for me to possibly explain what the importance of dancing has on my life... Dancing has saved my life, changed my life...It makes my heart sing! I have two of the most amazing souls for instructors... the idea of not having that...well... it kills me.

I was originally going to shut this blog down while I'm gone from dancing... some days this little site is a bit more trouble than it feels as though it's worth. But, I can't- because in the end, it helps others a lot more than it hurts me...and that brings me as much joy as the dancing itself. I will continue to write... about whatever dancing adventures I can get myself into.. and about how I'm going to continue to find inspiration to keep up my ongoing positive lifestyle.

So... at least two more weeks of active dancing... spectating at a comp or two next month and then.... ?????

Wish me luck, keep the e-mails coming... tell me how YOU keep yourself inspired when you're not on the dance floor!

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