Monday, May 10, 2010

Sidelined by Injury… Still… Again… Largo Says “No!”

You may remember that I had mentioned an ankle injury back in January. I had slipped on the ice, my right foot and ankle got shoved under a steel railing. I, like the trouper I tend to be… ignored it and plodded on with my day of wandering around the museum and out to dinner and show.

Well three months… actually about 14 weeks later… I'm still dealing with it. I've been dealing with it in my own special "trying to ignore" it way since then. I did take the required time with most sprains to ice, elevate and care for it…. To no avail. It proceeded to swell have blood bruises of all colors of the rainbow and just in general be a nuisance.

I've been to the studio dance parties with it, and tried to walk on the treadmill at the gym, and even had two or three lessons on it.

Well… I was ok at the parties, my ankle felt stiff and I felt all sorts of out of shape, but I thought it was ok… in spite of the constant swelling.

I thought the treadmill was ok too, until the swelling actually interfered with the way my gym shoes fit, so I stopped that.

I had a few lessons on it because I NEED to dance… now that I am financially able to dance… I NEED it… it is my sanity and my joy.

Week before last I managed ok until the last 10 minutes, the humor in the lesson was that my bangs were in my face, which never bothers me… but it bothers Largo… so he set forth on a mission to find me a Bobbi pin. During the last 10 minutes my ankle didn't hurt, it just felt like it was about to give out on me, so I insisted on Rumba for the rest of the lesson. I was also told by my wiser than his years professional instructor that "You will dance until you fall over broken, I know you."

Last week, was bad… I couldn't cha cha like I normally would, and was sub consciously trying to protect my ankle, so it made dancing a little rough. Largo insisted several times that I stop, while pointing out the small golf ball that appeared to be hanging onto the outside of my ankle. I told him it didn't hurt (it honestly didn't) but he didn't believe me.

So… we left it..or I should say HE left it that he left it by saying he would not actually accept any lessons from me until a doctor says it's ok.

I have my doctor appointment now. It's actually in the morning before work. I scheduled the appointment before my last lesson, which is probably why Largo felt so confident in telling me I couldn't dance with him anymore until after I get medical approval. Either way, no matter what the doctor says I am SURE of two things. 1- I'm not gonna like anything he says. 2- I'm not going to be able to dance for a while.

All I have to say is this… If I'm going to be made to be off the dance floor again for a minimum of 6-8 weeks, it had better be because I have done such irreparable damage to my ankle that it's going to need surgery or some other major treatment that will totally justify my not being on the dance floor. Because if it's not completely major then I may just lose my mind and try dancing behind Largo's back.


We'll see…. Wish me luck.

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