Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dancing and Deliberating

Have you ever sat at your personal computer after work and just went ..... ? That was me last week. Not only did I go ..... but I didn't even get to sit at my computer once I got home from the office. The very thought of turning it on was dreadful. I just needed a break from technology. My job, I am a remote corporate trainer, consists of my sitting at a computer all day, I actually have to work in and plan opportunities to leave my cube, and some weeks it's very intense and busy and mentally makes me hate the technology that allows me to do it. So that's where I was.

In re-cap it wasn't such a bad week. Last Friday I went to the studio party, the highlight of which was Rocky performing a Mambo with HFC. I will tell you that I love the choreography for it, and given that it was a BRAND new routine for both dancers the performance was solid too!

Monday brought on a nice lesson where some goals were set. I have a test to the next level of the syllabus in June, or so I was informed, so Rocky and I have some work to do to get me ready. I'm excited about this goal because it gives us a good solid target to aim for that we both understand. Time to dust off my majors and hurry up and learn the last couple of steps in each dance. Perhaps I'll even change a major. That is to be determined. On a personal side I also plan on being back in my actual ballroom shoes before the test. I've been dancing in my Jazz shoes to help me put confidence back in my ankle. I hope to be back in ballroom shoes at least the week before the test so I can prep appropriately for the actual event.

This of course has me also planning and deliberating for my other goals, the weight loss goal being the most prevalent. I simply can not be the best I can be at my current weight. Since I've moved in I have made sure I have not filled my home with bad food. That trend has maintained itself for the last few weeks. I just have to make sure that I carry that over into what I bring for lunch at work, instead of having food delivered.

The rest of the week built in stress as I tried to meet my work goals to the near exclusion of everything else. Those actions made me seriously consider the whole work/life balance that I try so desperately to hang on to. If I work too much I become bitter, jaded, and infinitely frustrated. If I maintain my personal life it makes me appear to be a slacker in comparison to my co-workers who are very admirably living to work these days. I must find a balance.

Friday I had requested off some weeks ago in order to just have a three day weekend. Work is building and the summer is going to be quite hectic so I just wanted to have a three day weekend to appreciate what I have now that I'm back home and plan for the weeks to come. I decided last minute that I would attend a ballroom comp where Largo was competing with a couple of his students as well. That was just what I needed. This particular ballroom comp is the most prestigious in the area, and one I do enjoy from the venue to the competitors it's superb.

It was so nice to see Largo again, even if just for a few moments. He's still between professional partners at the moment so no competitions for him in that regard, but he has reconnected with some former students that he competes at a very high level pro/am with and that was quite the treat. Only Largo can hit the floor for the first time as an independent instructor and have each student he brings win their events straight out.

The rest of the weekend was quiet and I avoided technology with the best of my abilities as I continued to settle into my home. This week in an effort to push forward, I have two lessons. TWO! One with Rocky to prepare for my test, and one with a visiting instructor that may or may not decide to stay. Both lessons should be quite the challenge for very different reasons.

I will also tell you I have increased my between lesson practice and dancing with some dance based workouts, I'm just getting in the groove, but I'm about to let the reigns go and dive into this full blast. My stamina sucks right now and the only way I know to really get it back is to push... like really PUSH. Get my butt out of bed every morning and haul my butt into some kind of workout that is going to push me to the point of pain.. eventually beyond... and then after a while it won't hurt anymore and then it will be time to change up the game.

Hope you're with me! I'd love to hear what you do to deliberate and plan for your day to day, even more I'd love to hear how you execute it!

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