Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Until We Dance Again

I have to rather unceremoniously close this blog. I will leave everything up for anyone to read as I whole heartedly believe in EVERY WORD WRITTEN and know that the stories within still so serve their purpose. It's not that I don't love you, love dance, or anything in between. I just need my life to not be focused on Ballroom 100% of the time. If I wrote about anything other than my dancing and the way I was feeling with it I felt as though I would be betraying the path I had set out with this blog.

I do have a new writing adventure that I hope you all will join me for. This one is, yet another blog, it is my preferred form of expression. THIS blog however is about everything, no topic off limits, no opinion or factoid unshared.

I welcome you to join me for This Single Serving Life

It's not the end my friends, it is simply the evolution to the next step. I am so proud of what I had created with you... I do hope you'll come along for the next great adventures.

Much love, respect and happiness to you all and whatever dance floor you grace.

Miss Kitty

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