Thursday, January 8, 2009

.....And We're Back! This Week In Dance....

I'm Baaaaack! Back on the dance floor that is...and all that much happier for it! I was really worried... I was terrible over the winter break from the studio... I technically didn't practice at all... work outs were nil... I just got back on the scale to see the damage I did... not too terrible. However, I knew my stamina wasn't going to be half of what it was at for my last lesson. Keep in mind that because of my trip to Alaska my last lesson was actually the second week of December, then I danced at that party...which does count as a work the last time I danced was way too long ago!

Monday got here and I had Social Latin as taught by RT... Oh, My, God.... my legs felt like over stretched rubber bands about 10 minutes in! I felt like a total beginner.... RT would call the steps we were to follow and I actually had to think about them before I tried them. I've been attending this class nearly EVERY Monday night...and the steps haven't changed much... I was having a hard time remembering them!!! I survived though, and my legs did work themselves out by the end, but I was out of breath... I'm pretty sure my face got red...It was bad news all around.

Taking time off of dancing was the WORST idea ever conceived by man. It's my own fault really... if I were more disciplined I could have at least worked out....but the way my mind works for this whole getting in shape thing... if there is no dancing to report to...there is no motivation for improvement... all. I'll have to work on that.

After Social Latin is the International class as taught by Largo... (I love Monday nights). This night though we had a guest teacher because Largo was delayed in getting back from his winter vacation. So we had HFC, she normally teaches a very VERY good technique class, but as she has also competed in the International Ballroom styles with great success, she would be a very appropriate substitute. She decided we should work on Quickstep.... Well...what I can tell you about Quickstep is... I don't get it... I can't move that fast...nor can I get a dance that I've never actually danced with anyone before... I came to the very fast conclusion that I was just not meant to dance on my own... After Quickstep we worked on some International Rumba, but it was funny because the whole class was doing the steps...but to the timing of American Rumba... HFC found that very amusing, and decided that since she couldn't get us to change...she let it go and focused on technique.

Oh it felt good to be back! I could feel it coming back to me...and I could feel how far I'd fallen... but it won't be long before I'll be better than I ever was!

TNT's Ballroom Workout was on Tuesday... I survived that... and managed to remember all the steps.

Thursday was a big day.... on Thursday I had a lesson with Largo... and three group classes all back to back.

My lesson with Largo was a true test of what I had remembered... we started with Salsa... and I couldn't follow anything.... but I could still spin. Then we went into Rumba, which I actually remembered the most... I even landed a step I had always screwed up in the past! Largo was tired to... he had just gotten back from his trip the night before and he was SO tired...but being the trooper that he is we kept going. After Rumba was Cha Cha... where I was plainly asked why I can do some spins and not others... I don't have an answer for that. I'll have to work on it in earnest.

After a long Cha Cha bit we worked on Hustle...and again I had trouble following...but I recovered. Until Largo tried to pull a lead on me that had me spinning LEFT as fast as I usually go to the right...

"I CAN NOT SPIN TO THE LEFT!" I yell at him after failing that move.

"What is it with you? (mimics me) 'I can't...I can't... I can't...' Yes you can." He replies...

"No, I seriously can't spin to the left, it's not only my non dominant side... I doubt my body would miss it much if it weren't there." I state much more calmly.

What does that do? That makes Largo pull that move on me like a dozen more times! UGH! I didn't even know there were leads like that in Hustle! I did the step slowly a couple of times... I have a feeling we'll be working on it again...and again... and again... in the future.

After Hustle we move on to East Coast Swing... it was a very relaxing kind of swing.... we were dancing to the beat Largo had in his head...which was just nice... and we worked on some of the more advanced steps and spins that I already know. We finished with a high five and a big hug.

The evening then was a blur of HFC's technique, Largo's International, and TNT's work out...which I didn't actually make it all the way through... my hips were killing me, my toes felt like razors were slicing through them, and then my lower back just flipped out. So I quit...which I NEVER do... before it got so bad I'd fall over.

It's good to be back....

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