Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Quick Weight Loss Update... Good News

Oh the game is back on! I just got off the scale...first time I've been on it in two weeks. I've been working really hard since I set these goals for myself this year.... RT and even Largo have been super supportive, which I really do need. I can't make it without that check in... and it's so simple too... RT asks "How many this week?" (meaning how many pounds lost) and I answer... and then it's done.. no judgment, no disappointment if I haven't met my weekly goal (often assigned to me by the end of the lesson), no getting on a scale in front of anyone... just trust that I am being honest with him and myself. My pros are very much more interested in improvement in my dance skill...but the weight loss is tied in with that... I have to do both, or both will fail.

In the last two weeks I've managed to drop 8 of the added back on pounds! Wah Hoo! My clothes are already starting to fit like they used to... although my stamina is still clawing it's way back.

This has been accomplished by doing the following...
I'm back to eating right... even when I travel for work. I just got back from Alaska again and I did SO well!

I've also implemented the policy that I work out a minimum of once a day again... most days I get a second cardio blast in. As I did during my trip to Alaska... man I tell ya Hotels make it easy to get that work out in.

I've also been a little smarter this time around... I work on some muscle toning and core training every other day as well... I'm hoping this will help me drop that icky weight I've been carrying around the middle.

Today is a happy day! I sure hope I can keep this up!


Anonymous said...

I never knew you had a blog, just happened to find it off of facebook!

Wow so excited for you!! You make me wish I had rhythm and could dance!! Good luck with your goals and the dancing wish I could get some goals! I that Chadd would at least harass me to get off my butt!


Miss Kitty said...

Thanks! Yeah I don't talk about my writing as much among my non-dance pals...

You and Chadd need to come in and take a guest lesson for me... you've got to see what this is all about for yourselves... we'll talk. :-)

Patty H said...

I love reading your blog. This entry got me inspired!