Friday, January 2, 2009

My 29th Year is Coming to a Close...

PhotobucketWell a new year is upon us… Happy 2009 everyone! May it bring all you desire and more!

This time of year for me is time for big reflection… This year probably a little more than most… as I had stated last year, January 1 is absolutely a day to start things anew…but for me… being that my birthday is just after I consider my birthday my day to start fresh.

Am I the only one that is surprised every year when I hit my birthday?? Seriously, am I the only one that is mildly shocked that I survived another year? This past year was better than most, but not as good as the one prior. This year is a big goodbye for me… actually kind of a happy one… this year I say good bye to my 20’s and welcome my 30’s.

Wow, 30… That’s a number I never thought I’d see! I don’t know why… but I just never thought I’d be here… much less be as generally happy as I am. Sure the end of 2008/my 29th year was a rough… and I’m still working through a lot of that… but it has subsided from a raging pain, to more of a dull ache. Of course, I still have my dancing to keep me sane.

So let’s review… during my 29th year I:

Did manage to lose some weight, but only a mere fraction of the year before…still we’ll call that a plus.

Did maintain my dancing, even improved in some areas, but due to my own lack of discipline I didn’t progress as far as I would have liked.

Did change jobs, which was a major goal of mine… I got the pay increase I wanted, and have started on some new adventures in a whole new field.

Did start the writing projects I wanted to… although none of them are finished… progress has been made, but considering I never thought of myself as a writer, I’m pleased.

I won’t be focusing on what I didn’t do… as that could trigger some serious depression and we just don’t want to go there.

In my 30th year I hope to:

Start back on getting some major weight loss done… if all goes as planned I’ll be at my target weight by this time next year.

Improve in my dancing, and would really like to become more of a dancer…instead of merely “dabbling” in dance, which means practice more…because more frequent lessons simply aren’t in the budget.

Become successful in my job, which will happen if I continue to remain disciplined on the tasks they give me.

Finish at least 2 of my 4 writing projects and begin looking for publishers.

Work on expanding my social circles… meeting new people shouldn’t be as terrifying as I seem to think it is… and it would be nice to have some fresh perspectives in my life.

Wow... 30... really? Seriously???


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