Monday, April 6, 2009

Like it or Not...I'm Embarking on a New Adventure

Last Monday, after just coming back from Alaska for the fourth time. I reported to the home office, I knew something was going on within the organization for some time, the office was just reeking with that vibe for the previous few weeks. Well, by 10:30am I was informed that I was being laid-off and that would be my last day with the organization.

How did I take the news? Well, really well. Which is my typical style when dealt with big news. I immediately take emotion out of the equation, and break down and analyze my situation. I got home, told a friend... took about two hours to allow myself to be overwhelmed. Sat back down at the computer, revised my resume, posted it. Showered, and went to the dance studio for my lesson. I've been working it day by day since then. Which is the only way to handle it.

I've never been without a job as an adult, so this is all new. Overall I'm still very level headed about it. I have moments of "I'd like a job now please." and moments of "Ok... now is the time to really work on everything that got put on the back let's get to it!"

So right now... my job is finding a job... in this economy that's not going to be terribly easy. Then there's the feeling that wants to make sure I don't get laid-off again. I'll be gainfully employed again... I have a very strong gut feeling that I won't be in this situation for long. I do have to tell you that all of my worlds have converged into one of the best and strongest support systems I've ever been a part of.Photobucket

So happy thoughts are welcome... but don't worry about me... That which hasn't killed me yet, has only served to make me stronger. THIS certainly isn't going to be the end of me... perhaps it's even a new beginning. Let's not forget... I am Kat after all... I always land on my feet. Photobucket


Alison (plushdancer) said...

Oh, Kat - that SUCKS :( But your attutude is good - and you'll be okay!

Jenny said...

So sorry...I've been there and know what it's like. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE how you ended this posting-I"m a Kat, after all we land on our clever is that, LOve, M.