Monday, November 23, 2009

The Day at Fred Astaire Burr Ridge

Hi gang! Wow... ok we've got some updating to do!

The trunk show at the Fred Astaire Burr Ridge location was wonderful! Turns out it was Bonnie's Belle Gowns most successful trunk show! Very happy and proud I was able to be there for it!
The day began with my meeting Bonnie up at her home to drive down to Burr Ridge together... it's a little bit of a trek from our neck of the woods, but we were traveling at off times so not much traffic thankfully. We arrived at the studio at around 2:30 in the afternoon and immediately commenced with setting up the dresses and hair baubles. As with most studios the day time is a bit slower... most ballroom students have to work too! I did meet the staff, professionals I have seen at many regional competitions but never really had the opportunity to meet. That was nice. The space this studio is in is lovely too... unfortunately they only have one dance floor, but it's a really nice one and I LOVE the lighting!

Most of the afternoon Bonnie and I watched the goings on, one of the pros was being tested in his knowledge of one or two of the Fred Astaire Syllabus that was cool to see, I didn't know how they did that. As a major bonus one of my favorite regional coaches and judges was in, he's known for his straight forward honesty and fair judging (He's scored me in tests and at Mini Match, someday maybe I'll get a coaching with him) Other's were teaching, either students or each other. It was a very cool fly on the wall experience. We did chat with one of the studio owners, a very lovely, energetic, actively involved, woman who used to be a professional dancer in her own right.

As the afternoon became evening, I knew the studio would be busier, and wanted to wear the outfit that made me a sponsored Bonnie's Belle Gowns student. Why not also advertise about the custom practice wear Bonnie does too? So I changed into my Mini Match Attire, shortly there after Bonnie became quite busy with students trying dresses on for their up coming competitions. It was a lot of fun! I stayed in the background mostly my job was to be there for whatever was needed, I didn't know how to anticipate that because I'd never done a dress trunk show before... but if I do this again... I know how to better perform my function.

It was after a quick dinner break that we became quite busy either with talking about dancing or helping students try on more dresses. I was on cloud nine... the only thing that would have made it more perfect was to be able to actually dance more... I almost went out and practiced a few things, but it didn't really feel right, so I didn't. I met even more students, and talked with a few I had met before which was nice. There is one student in particular, who I know is an avid reader, and is doing her first competition in a few weeks! She rented two of the Bonnie's of which is the Red Sparkle Rhythm dress I modeled for the Bonnie's Belle Gowns website! I'm very excited for her!

The evening wrapped up with more rentals than any trunk show has produced, and one of the professionals using my mini match attire as an example to stress the importance of dancing in clothes that were meant for dancing, and not other things. We packed up our wears and headed home at around 9 pm...where I was coming down from the trunk show excitement I had Captain's wedding to look forward to as I left for that the very next morning!

Thank you Bonnie and Michael for allowing me to participate in the trunk show... any time you need my services again, if I'm available... I'm there!

Thank you also...a BIG THANK YOU to the hospitality of the Burr Ridge Studio staff and students! I look forward to seeing you all at the Holiday Ball!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice story and pics on our Beautiful Burr Ridge studio and the good luck wishes! We were glad you came by.... Bonne brings the dresses a week from tomorrow and competition now less than 2 weeks away! Agent 66/D