Friday, November 6, 2009

Trunk Show Follow Up!

Well today I spent the day at the Fred Astaire in Burr Ridge. Lovely group down there! I was there to help Bonnie with her Trunk Show..which is when Bonnie packs up all her dresses and brings them to a studio for everyone to come in and try on and see if they'd like to rent or buy for any upcoming competitions.

It was a lot of fun! I always do love to observe studios in action. This studio has five professional instructors, all very clearly garnering the love and respect of their students. The studio itself is also a very nice space to be in.

I did take pictures, and I will write more about it in detail AFTER the weekend is over... I promise!!!

For right now I am about 5 hours away from being picked up to go catch my flight to Florida for Captain's wedding!!!!! YAY!

I will catch you all on the flip side... I have to report for bridesmaid duty!

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