Thursday, February 18, 2010

Up, Running, and Beginning Anew…


Hi everyone and thank you for your patience. I had to disappear for a bit to get used to my new work schedule. After 11 months of unemployment, getting used to waking up to an alarm and going to bed at a decent time is tough! I am VERY pleased to announce that I LOVE the company I work for, and my job, while it will require some things I've never done before (like carry a BlackBerry and work from home) it is just about everything I want in a day job. YAY!

Things I miss about having a job aren't the same things most people miss I don't think, well maybe… I didn't realize that I missed them until I got them back, like having a schedule, the EASE of planning meals and finding small ways to get some extra steps in. My office is on the 4th floor, and while I won't be taking the stairs in the AM or in the PM (because I'll be carrying a laptop and various other work day necessities) I HAVE been taking the stairs to get to the vending machine, (which stocks V8!) and to run to the mailbox..That sort of thing. My legs currently hate me for it, but they'll learn.

Now that I feel ok being back in the swing of being busy and having more of a purpose to my daily life. I would like to start my 90 days of stepping anew… They say you don't get "do over's" in life… and for the most part they're right… but in this case we can make an exception.

Day 1 again Friday February 19th.

It's my life… I can do what I want J

10,000 steps tomorrow or bust!


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Miss Kitty said...

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