Thursday, February 4, 2010

In a Holding Pattern, Waiting for Clearance from the Tower...

Hi... well... lots of development this past week... once again steering me away from the dance floor.... but that's ok for the moment... but only for the moment...

I feel like an airplane set in a holding pattern, waiting for clearance from the tower to come in for a landing...

1- Ankle is getting better, more slowly than previously thought... So I'm waiting on that.

2- Limited Finances being what they are, I am pretty much homebound until I can muster up the money to put gas in my car AND go out.

3- Still haven't received the hiring contract for my new position.... I've been assured that it's just waiting for one more signature and then I'll have it... this is the biggest thing that makes me feel like this is a holding pattern.

4- The Beau decided to break up with me, then take me to dinner... which I'm still not upset about, hey... if he wanted to end it for the lame reasons he ended it... he's not who I thought he was... as soon as I get my finances in order...I'm back out in the dating pool again.

5- My car battery decided to die on me twice... so I took it in... and turns out I need about $600 in repairs to make it a reliable car again.... so now I'm facing $600 in debt... the appt to have it fixed is next week... until then... fingers crossed... I can start it every time I go to run an errand.

All of this, you'd think would have me totally down... but I'm not... it's just put me into this holding pattern... because as soon as I get everything straight...I'm going to pick up where I left off and not look back.

So I ask the tower... "Tower this is flight Kilo Alpha Tango Two Zero One Zero requesting permission to land and get on with things... is the runway clear yet... over?"

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sheila said...

Very impressed with your phonetics!! :)