Friday, January 29, 2010

Frustration Nation... and I am the Queen!

UGH! So, regarding the 10,000 steps.... we're waiting until next week to start again and hitting them every day... which is good because my ankle is now healing nicely.... although I miss the dance floor something terrible. I need that outlet!

Also while I did get this new job I'm still in the process of waiting for the hiring contract... which I was told takes two to three weeks, we've just passed week two.... and I'm FRUSTRATED that I don't have word on when my start date would be!!!! It's hard not to be frustrated when my future is almost entirely hanging in the balance here.

Combine that with no dancing and a sore ankle and.... well... I'm not a very happy Kat right now.

I am not so blind to the fact that this is still an excellent year for me... and it will continue to be that way... I just don't like waiting... I don't like not knowing... and I don't like not dancing. UGH!

I just need to take this one day at a time.... and one hour at a time if that's what I need... and I'll get my start date, get my feet back on the dance floor, and start back up with life the way I know it's going to be.

I hate being Frustrated... this is one of those spectacularly bad feeling days that I'm going to rebound from... I just need to take a minute and breathe.

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