Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The week of 10,000 EVERY DAY begins!

Hi gang!
This living life thing is just too much!!! :-)

In fact I'm still really busy living life today, but can't forget you all! So short and sweet, here's the deal.

Blog reader of note #360 set forth a challenge that I hit 10000 steps every day this week starting yesterday and if I can do it he'll increase his donation to Dizzy Feet Foundation! Well this girl loves a challenge... so I spent the weekend trying to heal up my ankle as much as I could and hit the treadmill hard core yesterday. In a normal workout I cover just over 2 miles... yesterday, because I knew there wouldn't be many steps outside the gym taken... which is what happens when you have to clean your house and take care of your neighbor (not have to, but want and need to)... I covered FOUR MILES.... can we say muscle pain? I believe we can!

But what I can also tell you is that, ok.. I don't think my ankle is ready for this yet, it REALLY hates me today, but I'll keep trying. Second, the minute my pedometer hit 10,000 which was very close to midnight last night... I took it off, took a picture with my phone, and promptly went to bed. Third... I want my ankle to be better so I can DANCE these steps away... unfortunately dancing takes a much greater toll on the ankle than simply walking... so I'll take the steps any way I can right now... but pretty soon.. dancing here I come!

So Day one... EXACTLY 10000 registered steps!

Day two is going to prove a bit of a challenge.

Now if you'll excuse me... I'm going to take a moment at ice my ankle before I pick up the battle again. :-)


Anonymous said...

Whoa . . slow down there Miss Kitty,

The idea was not to see how much pain and suffering you could do. Well, to be truthful, it was but in a good way. How about we postpone this challenge and start again next Monday? This way you can get in some dance steps along the way.

-The softer side of #360, don't get used to it!

Anonymous said...

Huh, don't even hear crickets . . .