Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Dance Step at a Time...

It's here! Happy 31st Birthday to me!! 31 years ago today I entered this world.... 3.5 years ago I found my passion in dancing. 2.5 years (ish) ago I started telling you all about it... and you've all been great about following along in my adventures...

TODAY... I give you the latest and greatest in how I'm going to keep this up!

It's been staring at me all along.. in the blog title... "Ballroom Dancing: Changing my Life One Step at a Time"... It's time to take this One Step at a Time... quite literally.... One Dance Step at a Time.

For the first quarter of this year beginning today, I will be counting my steps. Much like the popular "10,000 steps a day" program that is instituted in many major corporations. The idea is that not only will it give me, and you who join me, something positive to focus on for counting calories and living healthy... but it will make us more aware of how much we actually move in a day.

Statistics state that a sedentary person (aka lazy lumps like me most days) take less than 3,000 steps... well I was WAY under 3,000 steps when I first started testing a few weeks ago. I have a pedometer, (one can be purchased at your local super mart for about $5) and I will be wearing it all the time... the mission, as I've chosen to accept it.. is that I will work my hardest to reach 10,000 steps every day, and make as many of those dance steps as I can for the next 90 days.

I had a blast figuring out my steps... Steps from computer to fridge - 10... Steps from far side of bedroom to bathroom- 5-7 (what can I say... my place is small) Average steps in Salsa group class... 1,754... Steps during my last lesson with RT... aprox 2,000. Alright.. now we're talking!

So as I issue this challenge for myself, I am throwing the gauntlet out to everyone that sees this page. Join with me and start taking it one step at a time. It will be an adventure like we've never tried and it will be entertaining to say the least.

Not only that.. but instead of the once, twice a week, whenever I feel like it posts.. you'll be seeing my posts as often as is possible... not when I feel like letting you in my world... but all the time. You'll read more about not only my dancing life, but my real life as a whole. Mainly because they are so closely linked. You'll also learn how you to can in fact absolutely rock your own world.. I love and own the vast majority of my world.. it's time you do the same, and it's time I learn how to rock and roll in all parts of my life... Come on.. Join me!

What you don't know as my valued readers... what you are going to LEARN is that I'm brassy, I'm confident, I'm brutally honest, I'm more than just the "bubble gum pop" entertainment this blog as been.... and dancing has given me the power to do that and be that and I'm going to show you how by leading through example. I also have spectacularly bad days.. and manage to bounce back from them with a force like no other... and I want.... no better... I need to share that with you... to let you know that it's okay for that to happen.

There is another aspect to this challenge that for me will probably be the hardest of all.. My new dance friend, and practice partner that I had mentioned at the top of the year... Horace... has presented me with a challenge that I can't help but take up and to run with.. Me.. the girl that during her height of major weight loss, weighed herself twice a day just to see what the numbers on the scale would do... I am challenged to weigh myself today... and not once again for 90 days... I can't tell you how hard that will be for me! This is all about health, and feeling better about being in my skin and we know that this feeling is not based on the number on the scale... hey I'm a strong woman with a strong muscular frame... who knows what my healthy weight can be... what I want is to FEEL confident in the clothes I wear every day and to FEEL better about my life 100% and I have always said that it is my purpose in life...check my profile.... to tell other's how be passionate about life... now is the time that I put the edit button aside.. and do just that.

Will you celebrate life with me and join the "One Dance Step at a Time" Challenge? I sure hope so! 10,000 steps a day is about 5 miles... I'm committed... this feels right, and the way it should be... no more being shy... it's time to own your life and as I like to refer to myself... be the "rock star" I know I am on the dance floor in my every day!

Day 1... approximately 3000 steps. (at the very peak of sedentary!) and about 1,700 of those were with Largo tonight for my birthday lesson! Tomorrow is a new day.. and I've got 10,000 steps as my mission. Care to hedge bets? I bet I figure out how to hit 8,000 steps by Friday.. and I'm unemployed... How many steps do you think you take around the office??? I also wager that 10,000 steps will be hit a week from now... anyone have an over/under on how many will be dance steps?

Game on! Happy 31 to me! Happy Dancing to you! Let's do this!


Anonymous said...

I will take that bet! You achieve 10,000 steps by next Wednesday, I will donate $50 dollars to Dizzy Feet Foundation in your name. Game on? - #360

Anonymous said...

I want not approve on it. I assume warm-hearted post. Especially the title-deed attracted me to study the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Cool -- have to find a pedomter before my double lesson followed by a guest party tomorrow!!! Wonder how many steps that will be?? GOOD JOB bday girl! Agent 66