Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Funny How Timing Works...

It really is. I've flat out told you that fate has been good to me, and it has. Take the start of 2010 as an example. I knew I was going to start the "One Dance Step at a Time" campaign, I knew I was going to throw myself into dancing again the way I did back when. I didn't know I was going to be met with such excitement and support as I have been. So I must have hit at the right time!

I am excited for these things.... and MORE!

Day 2- 1,723 steps... and only about 700 dance steps as I practiced some Salsa and Rumba in my kitchen this morning. Mentally tiring day, but sadly not physical. That's ok these things happen. This morning I received a call from a neighbor in my complex. I have two of the most wonderful neighbors on the planet! I refer to them both as my "neighbor Moms" because we have a very tight bond with each other that way. Neighbor Mom 1 called and asked me to check in on Neighbor Mom 2, who has been having some health issues of late. Since I have the time, and would like to help in anyway I can, I made a point to check in. Neighbor Mom 2 was not well off, but my presence and humor always seem to make her better... so I hung with her at her place for several hours, then ran an errand for her. It makes me feel good to help.

So it's a rough start...but everyone has to start somewhere and it can't all be sunshine and flowers (blech).... which is okay... my motto for a long time has been "That which doesn't kill me only serves to make me stronger" and stronger I shall be!

As fate would have it, knowing that my game face is on, one of my readers has sweetened the pot. I receieved a comment from him/her stating that they would donate $50 in my name to the Dizzy Feet Foundation if I can make my goal of 10,000 steps by next Wednesday. This is truly uncanny... becasue I had just been disgussing with some friends about how I need to take my status and developing clout and do some good with it, or there is no point in having it. I would like to get involved with setting up challenges for myself and you...that will result in donations of time or money to a worth while cause.

The Dizzy Feet Foundation is a charity set up by the producers of So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars... it's goal is threefold...
(1) to provide scholarships to talented students studying at accredited dance schools, studios, or institutions.
(2) to establish national standards for dance education and an accreditation program for dance schools in all of the major styles of dance.
(3) to develop, provide, and/or support dance education programs for disadvantaged children through and with local community organizations.

I grant you that providing dance scholarships and funding programs for disadvantaged children in communities is not the most pressing issue we have today. However, I also KNOW that there is no better way to make sure that we don't have these issues in the future than to make sure we are supporting today's youth.

I would be NOWHERE without a Fine Arts program in my schools and community growing up and I certainly wouldn't be anywhere but on my way to an early grave without my discovery of dance. Therefore I would like to help other kids that are maybe in the same place I was as a kid..looking for an outlet, looking to make friends and connect. Also, there are adults in those underprivilaged communities that can benefit from a little dance in their lives. I can do this.. WE can do this!

10,000 steps reached by next Wednesday January 20th at 11:59pm wherever you live.... once we reach this goal we'll find another and another and do it all over again... life is nothing without goals and challenges. I've got one bid for $50... tempting me to make it happen... anyone else care to challenge me some more??? I'm up for it... I look your challenge in the face and I say HA! What else you got???

Tomorrow is another day.. and I plan to dance step my way through it!


Anonymous said...

"I'm up for it... I look your challenge in the face and I say HA! What else you got???"

You do know that you have to reset the pedometer to zero each day, right? #360

Miss Kitty said...

Very funny #360! Yes I do reset it every morning before I clip it to my jeans!

Thanks for the challenge! It makes me work harder! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

I'm in for the sponsorship! This week or next, let me know. I pledge $50 :)

The Captain

Amy Barnes said...

I am a January baby too! Happy late birthday to you.

I love dancing and feel that it has changed my life. I am proud of you and the steps you are taking to change your life. I wish I could get in 10,000 steps a day.

I write a funny dance blog a few times a week. Check it out sometime. Just click my name above the comment.

Remember, we are from the mighty mid-west... we ain't afraid of no coast.

Amy Barnes