Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Party of the Year 2010!

Hi everybody! Is everyone having as wonderful a start to 2010 as I am? I really hope so! But more of that is to come on Tuesday Jan 12... so make sure you check in!

The first party of the year kicked off on Friday... the theme... was "New Year's Eve Deja Vu." It was my first step into the dance studio for this year and I was a little anxious. I hadn't danced aside from a little "kitchen salsa" in about three weeks... so I knew I was gonna be rough on the floor, but needed to dance!!!!

I arrived just after the lights had turned off and the music was going... I changed into my new shoes.. that had been sitting in the car the whole break (cold!) and quickly realized they still need some adjusting...which was something I wasn't about to deal with.... I took my spot on the sidelines and greeted a few friends and some of the professionals... of course I told them what I fantastic year I'd been having so far... we know me... I have a hard time containing my excitement! (More to come on January 12th!)

The party was pretty surprisingly light, not many people there... although still follow heavy (lots of women) so not a ton of dancing to be done, but I did get some! STP picked me up for a Tango and I felt like a klutz... he's a really good lead and we've had some amazing dances in the past... this..wasn't one of them. So I thought... Great, so this is how it's gonna be huh? Gotta get back in here! After that I chatted with some dance friends and waited for my next lead. One of the established student leads grabbed me for an East Coast Swing.... I danced with him several times at the last party and wow had he improved! I now officially love dancing with him!... but the ECS was rough too... dang it!

I found Largo and realized how much I missed him... I told him some highlights of my great news just as the dance style was announced... SALSA! Yeah baby! That was one of the roughest Salsa's of my life... but it was one of the best dances of my night. :-) I think that was all Largo's doing though. He's entirely too much fun.

What other dances did I get... well there were some new leads I'd never met before... two of which I had the privilege of dancing with. I love dancing with the new guys... I love that they're nervous and I'm not.. and I love that it's my job to make us look good so they don't actually need to worry. They were both very good for the experience they've had, I can't wait to see how they progress. One I danced with several times showed improvement on each dance.

CWS picked me up for a disaster of a Waltz.. but he was really sweet about it... I had executed the same moves with other pros just three weeks ago.. and couldn't remember a dang thing about it! This is why I hate leaving the studio... I think I really do need those daily reminders I mentioned in the past. I felt terrible about it and promised I'd be better next week.

I also got to dance with TSD which is a pretty rare occurrence... we got to do East Coast Swing, where he decided to lead me through a step I hadn't done in...oh about a year... and then took part of the dance to re-teach it to me... which was actually quite helpful. When the dance was over he gave me some good suggestions on a location for Salsa... I may have to look further into it. I haven't been Salsa dancing in forever.

Michael from Bonnie's Belle Gowns was there and we danced a Cha Cha and the second Salsa of the evening.. the two dances I can't possibly turn down... way too much fun!

The event that sticks out most in my mind though happened towards the end of the evening. The studio has a tradition of having everyone gather in a circle and we all share the experience of the song "SHOUT" It's actually a lot of fun, a lot of the pros get goofy about it. TSD got in the center like James Brown, STP then followed and draped a jacket over him.. very cute. Then STP decided to go around and grab random students by the waist and hoist them up for a second (jump assisted by the student of course). Well he came to me, and got behind me.. touched my waist and knew there wasn't a dang thing he could do about lifting me (first- I outweigh him, second- anytime anyone tries it I purposely make it harder by pushing all my weight into the floor). So he got in front of me and said "Lift me!" Instantly visions of my lifting RT last year to win the Hustle Contest flash in my mind. I think ok, I'll just put my hands on his waist and let him jump... well no.. my body doesn't respond like that.. he jumps and I lift.. and STP is suspended in front of me for a second or two before coming back down to the floor.

"You're STRONG!" STP exclaims!

I'm flabbergasted that he thought anything but and saddened that I performed such an action (as previously explained, I don't like to display my strength)....

"What did you expect??" I respond, puzzled.

STP moved on to continue his picking up of random students around the circle.....

After "SHOUT" was over, I gathered my belongings and prepared to leave. On my way out I passed STP in the lobby area and simply stated...

"That's the last time you ask me to pick you up I betcha." with a wry expression.

"Yeah you're strong!" He replies with a grin.

*Sigh*... yes I'm strong... we know I'm strong... but I find it very unladylike to display such a strength... oh well... bottom line is... it is who I am and I will learn to be happy with it. Lets face it.. the more I dance the stronger I become.

All in all a very nice party and another great event to add to my really nice start to 2010! Have I mentioned lately how much I love to dance Ballroom????

See you all on Tuesday Jan 12 (late night) for my new developments!

Happy Dancing!

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