Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here we are.. a brand new year! Gearing up for Big Things!

Welcome to the new year my friends! I'm starting to think maybe ringing in the new year quietly is more my style.. because with the exception of dancing... 2010 is starting off with a real bang! Sadly I haven't been on the hardwood in a couple of weeks... and oh I miss it dearly! It's something I had to do though... had to get some other things in order before I go back to the studio. I'm still working on the exciting new development, and we are a mere week from my own personal time to renew, refresh, and take the world by the horns again... yep you guessed it, my birthday is next week! :-)

Most scoff at the idea that I like my birthday, or that they could like their own. It marks the passage of time, another tick on the odometer of life.. but you know what? I think of all of those as good things! Without time, I wouldn't really have another reliable way to judge what's going on, and you wouldn't either. Why do I like my birthday you ask? It's simple! It's my one day... the one day where I get to set aside and celebrate life the way I like to, without hesitation, regret, or remorse. Sometimes it changes, sometimes I like big blow out parties, and sometimes, like this year I am choosing a more quiet approach..but rest assured... it may not be the actual day.. but I will set aside time to do what I want to remind myself that I'M STILL HERE! :-)

It wasn't all that long ago that I didn't really want to be after all, and now that I do? Hello! I LOVE IT! This year I get to mark the "big" 31. I happen to love being in my 30's thank you very much!

I'm also going to use the day to announce my big plan for "1st Quarter 2010" so keep your eyes peeled... it's just days away! It's a plan that will have you all with me every step of the way, and if you choose to participate, we can do some very small things every day to change the way we feel about life, dancing, eating, and even the dreaded working out! I am VERY Excited about it! It's not that original, but you all know... I'll make it my own run with it, and take you all along with me! (It's no fun for this girl to do these things on her own now...you know that!)

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and is happy to have the new decade to work with... GREAT THINGS ARE AHEAD.... I GUARANTEE IT!

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