Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just as I decide to write about life...

.... I start actually living it! Which makes it harder to find time to sit down and write.... Can't say I'm complaining though. :-)

Developments, developments it's been a busy week!

First... I will let you know that I reached my goal of 10000 steps several days early! Saturday to be exact... the pedometer registered 10200 steps. Given that these contraptions aren't the most accurate I will take the overage as meaning that I truly did reach my 10000 steps! YAY...

#360 The goal has been met, and I thank you for your contribution!

Captain! Welcome back to the blog! Thank you for yours as well! I'll use your generosity as my incentive for next Wednesday!

Other things that have hit my world, that have made it the happiest place to be... I received a job offer! It is the best of all possible scenarios and after background and reference checks I will have a start date.. and YAY after nine months I will be gainfully employed! Wah hoo!!!!

Second, I managed to find myself a guy... a guy that, in the early stages of this new adventure, seems to be exactly what I need. He's smart, funny, good looking, has the best manners on the planet, and we can very easily pass away the hours talking about everything and nothing. He even loves that I dance, and write and even after knowing him a short time is just as excited about my job as I am. He will come up every now and again referred to only as "The Beau"

The one bit of negativity that I do have to report is that last Saturday (the day I actually hit my 10000 steps) I slipped on the ice at my apartment before heading into the city to spend the afternoon with Jem and the evening with The Beau... I didn't think anything of it.. my foot hurt, but could take weight... and so I cruised around the city all day and night having a wonderful time... Now it seems that my entire right foot is swollen and bruised the most unruly shade of purple. So it's off the dance floor for me, and once again elevating and icing. I'm still taking steps though.. just not many of them dance, as my dance shoe's closure runs right across the bruise and quite frankly... hurts.

I am STILL counting steps! I'm averaging around 6000-7000 a day thanks to slow walks on the treadmill... every little bit helps... I will once again reach my goal of 10000 steps on Wednesday. Pretty soon this is going to have to be a daily thing... and while I'm pretty much the first one to ignore an injury, I've put my feet and ankles through so much this past year that I now have to respect the damage and take care of it.

So far the only think I can think is that 2010 is my year.. and there is nothing... NOTHING that is going to be able to stop my momentum... 2010 is the year of the Kat.

Keep those comments coming folks! Thoughts, ideas, maybe tips on how to get a blood bruise to go away faster? I'll work on getting more writing time in!


Anonymous said...

Are you telling your dear readers that you went from 1,700 steps to miraculously 10,200 steps a few days later, hurt your foot (boo hoo) and have yet to repeat that feat again? Really now? Maybe I should have clarified a few things; the steps need to be your steps, attaching the obviously inaccurate pedometer to the dogs collar while it chases cars - does not count. Holding it in your hand while mixing your next girlie drink or pounding bon-bons again - does not count. Asking your sister to “hold something” while she jogs around the park, yep, you guessed it - it does not count. Reset daily, I think not!

If by chance you really did accomplish ten (cough, cough) thousand two hundred steps, I will gladly forward the contribution to Dizzy Feet. However, accomplish 10,000 steps everyday for a week, starting Monday and I will double it. Game on? #360

Anonymous said...

oh my, oh my, oh my --- all is SO good! Congratuations on the JOB, Congratulations on the Beau, and Congratulations on your 10K steps (I on the other hand have yet to find my darn pedometer!). But I too am motivated for all the same reasons (have yet to get the contract but all signs are pointing to 'soon'....) but until then a bit in limbo. Nonetheless, 2010 appears to be a much better year all around. Happy 2010 Kat -- let's keep the momentum going and THANKS for motivating us all through your blog! Agent 66

Miss Kitty said...

Hey #360... perhaps you don't know me... but when I commit...it's a serious crazy business... yes a day in the city, with a visit to the gym prior got me to just over 10,000 steps.. and while, injury and all I am still working at it... You're talking to the girl that danced on a sprained ankle so long she nearly caused permanent damage... Although..putting the pedometer on the dogs is an interesting thought. ;-) 10,000 steps EVERY DAY starting on Monday.... Challenge accepted! Thanks! If I remember I'll POST A PICTURE of my pedometer at the end of each day! and YES I'M RESETTING IT!!!! Sheesh!

Miss Kitty said...

Hey Agent 66!

Thanks! Can't wait til you get your own pedometer and experience the joy and frustrations when it does and does not pick up dance steps! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

"If I remember I'll POST A PICTURE of my pedometer at the end of each day!"

HI . . . it's me . . . don't worry, I will be here to remind you - hourly if need be. #360

P.S. Would it be too much to ask that the photo of the pedometer be taken on the days newspaper . . . .

Anonymous said...

Uuhhhhh, pictures?


Anonymous said...

Hello . . ringy dingy . . . anyone home????