Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Guest Lesson Brings Validation...

Tonight I brought a co-worker into the studio for a guest lesson. She had decided after months and months of listening to me rave about dancing and watching me drop my 89lbs, to do me the honor of taking that first step herself.

During her lesson her instructor drew my attention to her learning agility on the floor, I was so proud! She had a huge smile on her face, and her eyes were dancing as happily as her feet. When both our lessons were over she approached me and said the most perfect thing anyone could have said about their first experience…


“I totally see how you lost the weight without thinking about it, that was SO much fun!”


And that dear reader is what it’s all about for me, having fun, gaining confidence, learning to dance, and getting in shape. There are a million reasons why new students walk through that studio door, and a million more why they stay, but for me… seeing my co-worker taking so much joy from a single lesson that she signed up for more, and saying that one statement that absolutely validated one of the key reasons I dance made nearly everything worth it.


There you have the first bit of irrefutable, totally unsolicited evidence that anyone can try it, and absolutely enjoy it... all it takes is that first step.

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Anonymous said...

Im so glad that dancing has helped to make you int the person that you want to be. Using ballroom dancing as a vehicle to attain your weight loss goal seems to be a fun, yet challenging way to shed those lbs. Keep up the good work