Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Relationships in Dance... Have You Met Your Floor?

When you dance, you develop relationships with several different things. For Ballroom/Latin clearly the relationship with your partner is important. There’s also the relationship with the music and the dance itself. Then there is another relationship… one that I’m not entirely comfortable with because to me it’s a little unusual. It’s the relationship between me and the floor.


Yep, that’s right…the floor and I have to develop a relationship, although I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a little one sided. My instructor was explaining this to me one day, about how the way I work with the floor is important and that there is a relationship that exists there. He asked me “Who’s your favorite dancer?”


“Are you serious? Tony Dovolani of course.” I replied.


“Ok, then your floor is Tony, and pretend you’re giving him a massage with your feet when you dance.”


Yes he was serious, and I was in hysterics… I can make the leap to having a relationship with the floor…but to name it Tony and pretend I’m massaging his back with my dancing?? My first thought was “Couldn’t we go for drinks first?” I wanted to sit on the floor and introduce myself to it… if we’re supposed to have this relationship and all we should at least be on a first name basis.


Tony the Floor and I have been working together for a while, sometimes I forget he’s there…I mean it’s not like he calls or anything so it’s tough to remember that we have this ongoing relationship, but when it’s good…it’s good, and I’m really glad we’re involved. So, have you met your floor?? Next time you’re in the studio sit down and introduce yourself…it’s only polite after all…you’re going to spend the majority of your relationship walking all over him/her.


kari said...

Just think sometimes you actually get the chance to dance with Tony himself. I like the idea of introducing yourself, nothing like talking to the floor.

Anonymous said...

"Couldn't we go for drinks irst?" You are hilarious, but at the same time poignant and very touching about your experience.
Keep it up girl!!