Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rag doll Dancing...

"Rag doll dancing" is a term I invented to use when everything is just right between my dance partner and I so that we are just whipping around the floor. If a great dance has just ended you may hear me comment "Wow, he just flipped me around like a rag doll!" In a lot of the faster paced dances like Hustle, East/West Coast Swing, and Salsa there is a lot of leverage that can be created between your partner and yourself that should be used to both dancers advantage. I have to tell you, I'm a HUGE fan of leverage! It's easier to spin, and keep time, and when it's REALLY good...There is nothing but you, your partner, and the music that matter in the world during that dance. Honestly you haven't lived until you've done a Hustle that really felt more like a roller coaster than a dance, and a million times more fun!


Here's another great thing about "Rag doll dancing"... the workout! Forget the fancy weight machine that's only going to become a depository for your dirty laundry. I don't even think about muscle toning during my at home cardio routine and yet, I've gotten SO much stronger from my shoulders to my ankles all from working with my instructor to get the leverage just right. This part of dancing isn't going to make me totally buff, but it's definitely set the foundation that I could. I’ll pass on becoming the next big thing in body building, I’m just happy if you come in and ask me to dance.

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