Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chicago Salsa Congress is Almost Here!

Ok, so a lot of you have taken my advise and already booked your tickets for the Chicago International Salsa Congress! (Feb 14-17 2008) I'm so pleased! Now, for those of you on the fence about is my final pitch to bring you over to the Salsa side... I present the following videos from our friends at You Tube to give you an example of what you can expect:

The video quality is poor, but I was actually at this workshop last year... I was even pulled on that little carpeted stage for some examples. :) I was TERRIFIED of falling off, and while they make sure to have hardwood dance floors for the students, I am not a big fan of dancing on carpet, way too much traction I can't move very well, (as I side note I'm pretty sure he called me "Baby" the whole time I was up there...grrr...) I think this instructor is Jorge, he's a cat with some personality for sure... I'll be looking for him again this year.

This is a better example of what a workshop looks like in one of the larger rooms, the instructor is Juan Calderon. This workshop is a beginner/intermediate. Most of the video is example, but they do a great job of walking everyone through each step.

Ok, now for those of you only interested in the evening's entertainment and dancing the above is one of the MANY groups that performed at the showcase they are local and they call themselves Los Jovenes Del Swing.

Even better, now this is actually from the 2006 Congress... but... it is the BEST example of what the main dance floor and music is like... from about :57 sec to 2:25 it's a GREAT example of what to expect.

Hope to see you all there!
Don't forget, you can always e-mail me with questions!

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Anonymous said...

How cool to see Juan Calderon! He teaches at the studio where I dance salsa on a regular basis. I've seen him dancing socially there, and he's unbelieveable!