Monday, February 23, 2009

Lesson with Largo and my New Shoes...

Well they’re here. I officially have ballroom shoes. 1.6” Cuban heeled ballroom shoes… which officially makes me just a tad under 6 feet tall on the dance floor… grrr… I don’t want to be taller on the dance floor, but my desire to have everything look right for the rest of what will be my dancing hobby outweighs that. I had received the best fitting shoes while I was away, so the very first time I had to wear them straight out of the box was for a party. I hated every minute of it. I was out of control, I didn’t feel like I could feel the floor like before, RT told me to brush the shoes, (actually he pulled me over to where the studio shoe brush lives, and almost brushed my shoes for me….nobody touches my feet.) Brushing only helped marginally. The only good thing I’ll say about my first trial run is that I did keep these shoes on for the entire party, which means, like it or not, these are keepers.

Largo was lucky enough to be the first one to really help me test out my new shoes a few days later. He was very excited, I was pessimistically cautious to say the least. We started with Hustle, and I once again was sliding everywhere, but while I seem to have trouble stopping my spins, I can in fact execute them just about the same…which is promising.

We then moved on to Cuban Walks… well let me tell you… I HATE dancing by myself in the ballroom! Largo would take a few steps away from me…then ask me to Cuban Walk towards him… UGH! In my former shoes, my Cuban walks actually had received some level of compliment… in my new ballroom shoes my balance was all thrown off and I couldn’t execute them the same, which made me exceptionally frustrated. After a minute I told him that I hate dancing by myself… so he then took my hands and watched my walks that way… they did improve, but they’re not at the level they were at before. I knew this was going to happen.

Shortly after that we worked on some new to me Rumba steps as well as refreshing my memory on some others… I think I’m reaching the point where note taking may be necessary to help with the remembering. I’m either getting old, or my brain is getting full.

We then worked on a little Cha Cha, and some East Coast, both of which felt completely foreign in my new shoes. What I will say about them is that they don’t hurt like I thought they would… the only possible blister location is on the inside of my left foot where the straps will be digging for a while until they stretch out. So these shoes are keepers for sure… I just wonder how long it will take me to get used to them! Another good lesson with Largo though… even though he did threaten to throw out my jazz shoes with me still in them if he saw me wearing them during a lesson again.

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joel sprague said...

Take notes! :P We've been through this.