Monday, February 9, 2009

Lesson with RT... it's ALL about the Cha!

This week's lesson was of a singular nature.... RT picked me up for my lesson and we walked to the middle of the floor.

"What's going on? Something's up with you." He states.

Well I'm shocked... I hadn't said more than two or three words to him since I had walked in... and I didn't think I looked all that bad...sure I was all casual..but I didn't think I looked THAT bad...

"I'm getting over a cold, this is the best I've felt in 4 days." I reply.

RT puts the music on for Salsa and tells me "I could tell just by looking at you something's going on." and he starts his lead.

Mid lead he said one word, "Shoes?"

"I've been in an e-mailing war with the company... I have a pair coming on Saturday...we'll see if they work." (My mission for Cuban heeled Ballroom shoes is nearly complete!)

"Good." and we pick up as if he never asked.

I was following pretty well... I followed a variation on a combination we've done before... really very well, but the end wasn't quite right... RT then focused on it...and I screwed it up the moment he wanted me to think about it. Figures.


Next up was Cha Cha... My choreography for my routine is happening on Monday (well today I guess) I won't be there for it... but I still have to work on my Cha.

The focus for the rest of the lesson was my being able to stop myself and hold my balance, paired with making sure I don't back break like a Salsa with a bent leg, but straighten and lock it instead. This was extremely frustrating.

It was 1-2-(hold for as long as RT wanted) Cha Cha (hold again without moving) 3-4. Over and over and over in all directions. Then we worked on it without the Cha in the middle. THEN we focused on my keeping my knees locked. I would start my traditional stamping and shouting...

"I've been doing my Cha Cha this way for over two's going to take me longer than a minute to FIX IT!!!"

RT would just look at me.

"I want to slap me about now." He'd say with a smile.

"Yeah that's about the sum of it." I'd snap back.

Over and over, and sometimes he'd put his hand on my thigh to make sure I was locking my knee... and sometimes he would just lead...and then he would make me hold a position FOREVER.

As frustrating as it was... I probably improved the most during this lesson then I felt like I have in a while.

Frustrating, and not THAT much to write about because it was the same thing for the entire lesson....BUT... I'm very pleased with the progression.

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