Monday, October 19, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid....

Well, maybe not always... but I am right now. As I've mentioned before I am a bridesmaid in Captain's upcoming wedding. I am VERY excited about this... but with the excitement comes trepidation. Not over getting to Florida where the wedding is held, or weather I'll have to maybe prepare a speech. Nope, my severe trepidation comes over the dress.

I'm very fortunate that Captain is sensitive to the idea that different dresses look better for different body types. She picked about five dresses from a designer, and let us pick the ones that would suit us best. So at least that was something I didn't have to worry so much about. However, I've done this bridesmaid thing before... in 2005 at my "pre dance" weight.. and it was a nightmare! I had the consultant make comments about my size, I had arguments with the seamstress once it came in, it all nearly ended in a discrimination lawsuit. It was just not a good experience.

This time around I at least knew that I fall within the parameters of what designers consider an "acceptable" plus size girl... so I knew I could get the dress in my size... it was just a matter of how much. See the wedding industry has the world over a barrel, and they know it. I went in to order my dress, thankfully a different store than in 2005... I actually have no issues with the store this time... just the wedding industry as a whole. So.. I went in to order my dress... had my measurements taken...then was shown the size chart.

Here's where it gets funny... the consultant, who was very nice, had to show me where my measurements fell in the size chart... she then had to have me initial that she showed me. THEN as part of the process...tells me that the dress that fits my measurements will cost $65 extra... but if I wanted to save the money I could order the highest size in the "non-plus size" range... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! That "non-plus size" dress is like 4 sizes too small...why on earth would I want to order that?!?! The Consultant said she had to recommend that just in case I was extremely uncomfortable with the size that fit my measurements... the size is just a number, and very often varies.. I know this.... I would prefer to have a dress that suits me rather than one I can't zip up and has a little tag in it that says a smaller number. It was bizarre... once I confirmed that I will actually be ordering a dress that fits... I had to initial that I selected that size. You'd think I was signing a mortgage agreement with the number of times I had to initial my choices.

So that part is settled, I tell her when I need the dress by... this was about a month ago. She tells me that there isn't enough time, and that it takes FOUR MONTHS to get a bridesmaid dress. Well heck, I'm not even sure if I knew I was even in this wedding four months ago! Sheesh! So in order to get the dress here in time to allow for alterations they have to put a "super rush" on it... to the tune of an additional $55. *sigh*

Ok fine... I can't really help those things... I have to pay it in order to get it.. I knew the plus size dress was going to cost more...but seriously... it's the same amount of's just a little bit more material. The shipping charge just seemed extravagant to me too. But we're not done there folks... it was then suggested that because I am over 5'8'' tall that I have extra length added to the tune of another $65. you charge me because I'm overweight, you charge me because I don't have 1/3 of a year to get the dress... both are actually controllable variables... but NOW you want to charge me because God and my genes made me tall? Uh no... not getting extra length... it's a cocktail length dress anyway it should fall around my knees and be just fine.

That was frustrating... but you know there is more.... Oh, and I did have to initial that I wasn't getting the extra length too.... then when the dress comes in there are alterations to make sure it fits perfectly.. I am told that these typically run $65-$85 in addition to the rest. HA! I've got them trumped there!!! I told the consultant that I have my own designer who will be handling the alterations for me.... (Of COURSE I'm taking this dress to Bonnie's Belle Gowns to be altered!)

*sigh* Grand total... $290. (Considering most of my most popular, compliment receiving, dresses were found on clearance racks for about $40...that's a LOT for me to spend on one item of clothing) My only salvation is that once this dress is finished (it's currently with Bonnie now) I will be able to wear it again... it's quite tasteful, and in a lovely royal blue color. Don't be surprised if you see me running out to every semi-formal event in the spring wearing this dress.

We have about three weeks until Captain's wedding... I'm VERY excited to see her and her hubby again! I'll be sure to get pictures up when I get back!

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