Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working Out and Making Good Choices

Well I'm still going to the gym.... I'm starting to get really bored by it, but it's important that I do this. I've started to go once a day for a longer period of time rather than twice a day for shorter bursts. I have altered my cardio by going in 20-30 minute segments, going to work on some weights, or some core elements, then going to another machine for another 20-30 min. Back to the cardio equipment for a 20 minute stroll on a treadmill. It takes a long time to get this style of work out done.. but it works for me while I've got the time.

This past week has been important for my kicking the choices I make with my food intake into gear. It doesn't matter how much I work out... if I can't make good food choices then there is no point. Losing weight is about one thing... burning more calories than you are taking in pure and simple.... which is a ton easier to type than it is to practice.

So I'm back in the game... and to add to it I have to watch what types of calories I'm eating because I have the classic problem of carrying the majority of my weight around my middle. As I'm sure you have seen on the news, or in any number of magazines, or if you also carry middle weight your physician would have told you. Belly fat is the one type of weight that is the leading cause of bad health conditions as people age. I'm not sure why.. but the numbers don't lie. Also for me, my last big hurdle in really looking my best and as fit as I can be is to trim down my midsection...

The issue is that working out alone doesn't get rid of that midsection...barely even touches it actually. I've lost mass amounts of weight everywhere else except my tummy... so it's all about the food choices. I have to put good fuel into my body to make sure that it's going to burn the proper stored fat and trim me down. What kills me is how simple it sounds. What kills me even more is that some of my support system doesn't get it either... "Well, just do it then." It's just not that simple... It takes active thought nearly every moment of the day.

My food style is pretty much as quick as it can be. I have a big tendency to forget to eat. I know it sounds crazy... but it's true... there are some days when I can make it until 4pm without eating a thing. So then I become so hungry so fast that I'll eat anything that's quick and easy, because once I get hungry... getting dizzy or a headache isn't far behind. So what I've done this week is make a conscious decision to eat shortly after I wake... even if it's just something small, because that will get my metabolism going and get me to eat at regular intervals. Not only that, but it's about WHAT I'm choosing... so that I can kick this belly fat out... so it's lots of LEAN protein (*Sniff*... I love red meat), lots of veggies with little to no dip or dressing (actually something I've become accustomed to and it's really good), and if I do any carbohydrates it will be whole grains and fruit but only early in the day. Also, and this is a big one for me... no beer or wine.... that just goes straight to the gut.

So that's what I'm doing.. I've written it before but it's been hard to maintain..and I'm back on the wagon... this is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE... and I do it all because I know it all will make me a better person...and what I LOVE is that it will make me a better dancer.

I'm working it all out... I'm almost back to the studio for some group classes... I've learned that I can live without ballroom... but it's just not the same quality of life.

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