Monday, October 26, 2009

Finding The Way Again....

This past week has had it's typical ups and downs, but with the help of a few things and a few people, I'm finding my way again.

My biggest issue when I get off track is the food thing. I have the HARDEST time making good choices ALL the time. I honestly don't know how people do it, and I'm constantly finding new and unusual ways to keep my choices on the healthy side, and keeping in my extreme budget too. Conversely I slip into the old ways very easily.... However....I've now got a kitchen full of good food, and no need to run out and grab anything that will have me hating myself later. Isn't it totally crazy how something like eating the food that the commercials and such make look so good... can have you absolutely hating yourself after your last bite? I KNOW I'm not alone in that... and you know what? It's really hard... I know.. I'm not a planner when it comes to food... food is one of the last things I think about in a day... so I'll forget to eat.. and then I'll get HUNGRY... so hungry that ANYTHING will do... and that's what all those fast food and freezer sections in the grocery store are banking on. Then I eat..and I immediately feel terrible about what I've decided to eat. Then I end up eating because I'm upset... it's a never ending cycle... well no.. it's not never ending... because I'm ENDING IT!!!! I've got my latest secret weapon... Apples! They're handy, transportable, and mostly don't make a big mess when you eat them on the go... (and who doesn't have the antibacterial stuff with them anyway right?) Apples are not my favorite fruit.. but it's fall.. they're in season.. and they're on sale. :-) Not to mention that I am working on training my pallet (yeah that's right, you can train your tongue) to like the good natural foods again. I have some other foods that I've learned to keep around. I'll have to plan a post all about that.

In other news.... I'm still going to the gym, and I'm still hating it.. I will ALWAYS hate it. However, the few times I've been dancing... I have never felt stronger! My knees haven't hurt in a really long time now... my ankles, that have been a problem for the last year, still aren't super strong, but don't ache or swell anymore. All of this tells me... it's working.. whatever I'm doing.. it's working. Now all I have to do is get those numbers on the scale to head in a down like direction and I think I may just be so happy I'll pass out. I also have to remember that it's working when I hit that 30 minute mark in my cardio workout and my head tells me "The experts say 30 minutes a day is all you need, you could get off the machine now and not feel guilty about it." I have to remember that the last time I danced I was the most grounded and balanced I've felt in a long time... I was elated about that! Anyone want to follow me around and remind me of that every 15 minutes... all day?

I'm very excited about all of this... I finally found a balance of doing this day by day again! That's's a single 24 hour period at a time... it's kind of a slow way do think about things... and we all know I'm a big fan of instant gratification... if I can maintain it a day at a time... and on the bad days take it hour by hour....I think I might just be ok. :-)

Don't forget to send in your videos for video of the week! You all have seen me dance (even when I didn't like the way it looked) it's your turn!

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