Thursday, August 21, 2008

RT's Technique Class

I completely forgot to tell ya’ll about RT’s Technique Class! It’s good! I call it the “Rip it down to the studs technique class”. I call it that for good reason, just like when you want to completely re-do a room in your home, you take everything down to the studs and build it back up right? That’s what this class is…taking everything down to the very foundation of what dancing is and working it back up to be better than what it was. We work on a lot of balance, foot position, and weight shifting. I personally need a lot of help in this area, I can manage to hold my balance for the length of a beat or two…but any longer than that and I’m usually fighting to keep it or lose it all together. One of the reasons I really like the fast dances is because I don’t have to hold a position for long and lose my balance. I have a million and one excuses for why this happens…but the reality of it is that I need to practice it.

Nearly every dancer, no matter how new or advanced could stand to work on this type of technique. I remember working on some of it in my private lessons way back at the beginning, but as you advance it’s very easy to forget to consistently keep the weight on the inside edges of your feet and push from left to right instead of taking a step. I also don’t particularly enjoy working on technique because it’s hard. So having a class like this where I am purposely setting aside time to actually do this stuff is very beneficial. Now I just have to apply it in all the rest of my dancing.

Class is Wednesday 8:45pm, I look forward to seeing new and accomplished students alike!

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